Version 1.2 Thread

Lots of exciting new features in the version 1.2 update. This post focuses on discussing the most notable new changes.

Sacred Seals
  • Obtained exclusively from special quests and equips to a heroes "s" skill slot.
  • Sacred Seals are currently not obtainable.
Currently discovered Sacred Seals

This table will be updated as new discoveries are made.

Seal NameSeal EffectHow to Obtain?
Speed 1Speed + 1Sacred Seal Mission
Defense 1Defense + 1Sacred Seal Mission
HP 1HP + 3Sacred Seal Mission

Arena Score and Matchmaking Updates

Instead of base total stats, matches are now based on:

  • Character levels and star rating.
  • Number of bonuses gained by using Merge Allies.
  • Total base stats after removing the effects of all skills, including Weapon skills.
  • Equipped skills.

We are currently working on new team comp guides as well as a feature that allows users to submit their own teams to the site.

Merging Heroes
  • When you merge, any skilled inherited and learned is transferred and stay learned.
  • This is great for hardcore players who want to transfer a skill set to a hero with better IV's.  It also makes it easier to train 3-4 star units as skill fodder.