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Tier lists are kinda dumb, a bunch of tier 7-4 people still can destroy tier 1s with enough inves…

Do it on average speed people, like Soleil or Sothe, they would benefit the most.

You’re right.

I use the life and death, desperation build, the one you have is still really good too.

I was making fun of his description, I love boey, this build on him is so fun to use.
He ca…

I would say speed is better, but it depends on what build you want, I have a standard life and de…

Question: IVs for Sothe?

If I have quick reposte 3 sacred seal on my Zelgius, would that work well with special fighter?…

Yep! Thanks!

Question: Boey is op #2

He has a +spd weapon refine gronnowl
He is +atk
He has darting blow

Question: Boey is op #2