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Since the first time it was this build but when I uploaded it changed to that CC build

Question: Need opinions

That's kinda funny!!

Question: Need opinions

Now I finally could put my build

Question: Need opinions

That's not the build, When I upload the build i made here it changes to that

Question: Need opinions

I can buff her stats with my other units and also with her def tactics and res tactics

Question: Tharja Build

I also have Young Azura as distant dancer but don't have any dominant distant dancer. My dominant…

Question: HS Ryoma

Hoshidan summer I kinda feel that

Question: HS Ryoma

He was my first refresher but i never knew how to play him so I have him since my beginning

I have Ophelia but how can i counter res tanks?

Question: Tome emblem

Alternatives to witchy wand?
I can have access to:
Absorb +
Fear +
Slow +…

Question: Help building