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Brave Lyn. I like Lyn as a character, but the fact that B!Lyn was built to be OP (statewise and w…

I actually think it's very fitting that it's so stylized. He's supposed to look disturbing and un…

Her weapon is sadly not inheritable.

Question: Two Gunnthras

To be fair his defense is one of his best stats, so dumping it would'nt be optimal, while even at…

Question: Robin IV

U need a powerful physical sweeper, so any unit with great Atk/Spd or with a Brave Weapon.

I guess just anyone who can debuff.
So obviously Arvis and dagger users, even though I feel…

To the training grounds we go then

Félicitations quand même X)

Question: I'm dead inside

Hello fellow Nino user. My Nino salutes your Nino.
Also Nino.

You'll need to have a score in the mid to end 4800's (more towards the end) to have a chance to c…

Question: Arena Score