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I just want to see the potential fodder to be honest

To avoid making a long post I will just say "alot" not just for merge purposes.

I couldn't help, the only green unit I +10 was nino since I loved training her up in blazing swor…

Question: A sad day?

I would just use drives and make sure my allies are near since her weapon can give a max of 6 atk…

I'm loving my -atk +res lene (superbane), I have been wanting her since she debuted,so I didn't e…

If you still have room

Aoe build on my ares

I was turned off when you said armored😒

Question: New Unit idea

Tome,atk superboon,one shot builds and her quotes
I mean 😳

I really don't have much to say,but the last time and only time I was pitybroken 6x was when leif…

Question: Bad luck?