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No one messes with this Empress!

Question: Hold Up

New 5*? Just the Olwen and the Valentine Soren...and a carrot lance.

The other recent 5*s…

Nope. Has to be in-season legendaries (as in, an earth for Earth season) or units with the right…

I will pray that who I get will be anyone but the heron knockoff.

Yep, I said it. Not sorr…

My faves not in FEH yet, in no particular order:

>Luthier. Delthea needs her bro.

The downside of having alts that share a color...and an A skill.

Question: Sutur

My thoughts?

Screw Lamezura. That is all.

The rest? Well, I see a merge, VF, or BF/…

Legendary Tiki
Summer Innes
Dancer Micaiah
Winter Fae
...Adrift MCorrin t…

I don't mind if I get Lyn, honestly. If I get her, she's being merged to fix my current one!

Since it's random, and I'm not going beyond the free summon, doesn't matter as long as I do not g…