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H!Henry. I love how bulky he can be with Owltome, CC, CD, and a Def boon.

Someone must REALLY love Lucina

Legendary Dragoon: Minerva
Artist: Cuboon/Rika Suzuki
VA: Cindy Robinson (duh)

Effie and Fae. They're on my arena core.

Young Eirika/Ephraim/Lyon would be cool, imagine a tiny Lyon saying "I am.. the demon king..." or…

1. Keep the neutral B!Ephraim.
2. Keep the +Spd -HP LA!Hector

Try to save for 3.0 (I say as I impulsively blew my 60 f2p orbs trying to get a merge of Hallowee…

Minerva every day. IS is Inconveniencing me by not giving her any alts

Eirika is a great pick because of how her stats can stack with Tactics buffs.

Just put Tac…

Yup. That's one of the main issues we have with this mode.