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Any fe Heroes for fun players? 11

He’s definitely worth it. Especially if you give him def/res link. Although most bladetome blue m…

I know right? What’s the point of making the top tier units even more top tier? I just want a ref…

Question: Why Celica?

If it makes you jealous mines is +res, -spd.

I would get smash ultimate. IF I HAD A FREAKING SWITCH!

I have been f2p the whole time since the beginning. Cause if I wanted to spend money I would have…

Here’s what i did who is a good user of safeguard.

Question: Safeguard+?

He’s going to be a quest reward for grand conquest. Available at 3 to 4 stars though.

Question: Where’s Kaze?

You’re only hope to get the seasonal unit you want was that if they appear in a legendary banner.…

The only thing we have for a non effect tome is Oliver’s shine.

Zanbato fodder

Question: extra grey