Tactical Action: A Tactics Drills Guide

Tactical Action: A Tactics Drills Guide

Get ready to put your strategizing to the test, Summoners! Tactics Drills are a new game mode introduced in the 2.7.0 update which are essentially puzzle maps. They can be found under the Story Maps option on the Battle menu.

Unlike all other game modes, Tactics Drills test your mettle not based on what units you possess, but rather your knowledge of the game. They provide you with a pre-determined team and a certain number of phases you have to complete the map -- and what you do from there is up to you.

There’s three difficulty levels to Tactics Drills:

  • Basics
  • Skill Studies
  • Grandmaster

Grandmaster Tactics Drills are unlocked after beating the Story maps in Book 1 Chapter 13.


Basics Tactics Drills aim to teach you the fundamentals of Fire Emblem Heroes. Even beginners shouldn’t have trouble with completion -- these maps have instructions on-screen to ensure you know what to do.

Skill Studies

The Skill Studies Tactics Drills cover the functions and interactions of specific Skills. They also feature instructions on-screen to help you find the solution, but the directions are a bit more open-ended in some cases. It is suggested that you carefully read the Skill and weapon descriptions of your team members in order to figure out how to beat these maps.


Grandmaster Tactics Drills are more traditional puzzle maps more akin to a Grand Hero Battle or Bound Hero Battle. While they feature a hint on-screen like the Basics and Skill Studies maps, the multiple phases these Drills require for completion make them relatively tricky. Like Skill Studies Drills, it’s probably a good idea to carefully read the Skill and weapon descriptions on the units you’re given if you want to beat these on your own. If you’re having trouble, though, feel free to use our solution videos below.


No game mode is complete without rewards, and Tactics Drills are no exception. You can expect a pretty hefty gift of 12 000 Feathers and 7 Orbs when you complete these maps, but if you’re looking for specifics, the tables below will tell you everything you need to know.

Basics Map clear rewards
Basics 1 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 2 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 3 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 4 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 5 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 6 (Normal) 1 Orb
Basics 7 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 8 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 9 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 10 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 11 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 12 (Normal) 1 Orb
Basics 13 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 14 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 15 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 16 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 17 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 18 (Normal) 1 Orb
Basics 19 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 20 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Basics 21 (Normal) 300 Feathers

Skill Studies Map clear rewards
Skill Studies 1 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 2 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 3 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 4 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 5 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 6 (Normal) 1 Orb
Skill Studies 7 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 8 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 9 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 10 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 11 (Normal) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 12 (Hard) 1 Orb
Skill Studies 13 (Hard) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 14 (Hard) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 15 (Hard) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 16 (Hard) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 17 (Hard) 300 Feathers
Skill Studies 18 (Hard) 1 Orb

Grandmaster Map clear rewards
Grandmaster 1 (Lunatic) 300 Feathers
Grandmaster 2 (Lunatic) 300 Feathers
Grandmaster 3 (Lunatic) 300 Feathers
Grandmaster 4 (Lunatic) 300 Feathers
Grandmaster 5 (Lunatic) 300 Feathers
Grandmaster 6 (Infernal) 1 Orb
Grandmaster 7 (Infernal) 300 Feathers
Grandmaster 8 (Infernal) 300 Feathers
Grandmaster 9 (Infernal) 300 Feathers
Grandmaster 10 (Infernal) 300 Feathers
Grandmaster 11 (Infernal) 300 Feathers
Grandmaster 12 (Infernal) 1 Orb
Grandmaster 13 (Infernal) 300 Feathers
Grandmaster Solutions

If you’re stuck on the Grandmaster Tactics Drills, don’t worry -- we’ve got you covered. Below are videos guides on Gamepress Staff Redferrari1998's Youtube channel (with snazzy thumbnails by him to boot!) which should allow you to beat them stress free.