Heals 30% of damage dealt

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Healing Specials


Healing specials are oft-forgotten by many people, thanks to their relative uselessness within the Arena. Noontime and Sol both have relatively long cooldowns considering they deal no additional damage, and for this reason are unsuitable for use within the Arena, where units would prefer to invest towards utterly destroying a single foe. However within modes featuring continuous battles such as the Chain Challenges and the Tempest Trials, healing specials can become very valuable. Healing specials base their healing off the direct damage dealt to opponents. Any overkill will not translate into more healing.


The way that healing specials scale make them ill-suited to low damage hits, being a better fit for slower and stronger attacks. The low power of brave weapons make them less desirable than others. The Wo Dao+ and other skills that grant the same +10 damage effect are great choices, granting an extra five healing in the case of Sol. Healing specials are often used to compliment healing builds such as the common Falchion Medic build, which combines the legendary Falchion with Renewal to boost healing. Healing specials can also help a unit stay above a valuable healing threshold, such as Quick Riposte or Guard.


These specials are niche, being great at one thing in particular and not much else. They are unsuitable for short game modes such as Arena, and tend to be poor choices overall, as they do not increase damage at all. A unit with a damage-boosting special is very likely to out-duel one with a healing special, making them relatively easy to handle on enemy teams.

Units with Skill

Unlocks at 4 ★

Unlocks at 5 ★