Boosts damage by 10. If unit is adjacent to an ally, boosts damage by 25 instead.

Inheritable Restrictions?

No Staff

Units with Skill

Skillsets that use skill

Flying Fortress (Enemy Phase)

New Year, New Fire (Defensive Duelist)

Supreme Chad of Nifl (Defensive Bruiser)

Last Stardust (Defensive Nuke)

Scion of Dreams (Enemy Phase)

A Divine Awakening! (Mixed Phase Nuke)

Like the Shadows of Valentia! (Budget)

The Dark Knight Rises (Distant Counter)

Reckless Storm (Defensive Nuke)

Of Ice and Fire (Defensive)

Medium Rare (Mixed Duelist)

Sole Savior of Renais (Defensive Tank)

General Amelia (All-rounder)

Unlimited Blade Works (Defensive Nuke)

Competitive Spirit (Physical Tank)

In Service of the Motherland (Enemy Phase Bruiser)

Lionheart’s Roar (Enemy Phase)

This Ain't My Style, Chief! (Defensive)

Hyper Beam (Defensive Tank)