Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-50%.

Unit recovers HP=half damage dealt.

Inheritable Restrictions?

No Staff



A special infamous for being the signature move of Ike, Aether is one of the strongest specials available in Fire Emblem Heroes, and is capable turning the tides of battle, given the right circumstances. Its high impact effects are gated behind a long cooldown time of five turns, which nearly guarantees that the opponent will have charged their special before you do, perhaps even multiple times if they wield a Brave, Killer or Slaying weapon. Even with help, most duels do not last long enough to charge and use Aether. Instead, can encourage a different playstyle: charge it on the first opponent, and unleash it on the second. Aether combines the functions of both Sol and Luna, with the added advantage of healing more health than Sol, as Luna boosts the damage dealt.


There are two strategies that can be applied when using the skill. The first is to try and charge it as much as possible, to be used on a single enemy. Quickened Pulse, Heavy Blade, and Slaying/Killer weapons all help to get Aether on board. Brave weapons can also help, but Aether will only trigger on one of the two hits, which wastes much of its power. Using Aether in this way can heal up a unit in order to fight another foe at full power. The second strategy is to increase the power of the “bang” when the skill actually triggers. This involves using high-attack units (they can also use Heavy Blade) and the Wo Dao. Healing from skills such as Renewal can help a unit last till the special is ready. Triangle Adept is a good skill to use alongside Aether: It can let a unit charge their special safely on a foe with disadvantage, to unleash on a neutral-color foe.


The biggest weakness to Aether is its long charge time. It is possible to reduce this charge period, but consider that all of the methods used for Aether can be used to charge faster specials even more quickly. A unit attempting to charge Aether may have to suffer two specials from the opponent before they can get a chance to unleash their own special. Thus the easiest way to defeat a user of Aether is to maximize on a special such as Bonfire or Iceberg, with a faster charge time while boasting high power.