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Anyone else have units with perfect IVs they don't use? For whatever reason: whether it's a character you don't like, or you lack the resources to fully build them, or even not having space on…

Asked by Pizzaguy
20 hours 9 minutes ago

Can anyone explain how it works? I expected to see “during combat”, so are the buffs visible or invisible?

...and, if it goes on 50% difference of stats, is that both higher AND lower than…

Asked by Dan
20 hours 40 minutes ago

I got kinda confused, if X unit has 6 extra atack and 4 extra speed with buffs it means that Kaden will make it 12 and 8?

And if so L!Marth will take +6 buffs to +18

Asked by Mestm
21 hours 22 minutes ago
Asked by Sir of Coffee
21 hours 53 minutes ago

It made sense that the Laguz royals all got Prfs because, well, they're the Laguz royals. They're crazy strong, plot-critical characters--of course they'd get Prfs. I figured that the grunts like…

Asked by eyeballfrog
21 hours 54 minutes ago

I wonder whether people are going to cry "more Fates?!" tomorrow. Anyways:

Units themselves:
- Keaton: will come down to stats. Might be a good vantage tank like Swordhardt,…

Asked by Seeker
22 hours 40 minutes ago

Three units with the demotion skill amount (tm)

I know it's very unrealistic that all three will be demoted, but that fear/hope is creeping in.

What if?

If so, it might be…

Asked by Sir of Coffee
22 hours 53 minutes ago

I have 2 extra Ryoma's and I was trying to figure out if it would be better to merge them into my first ryoma (boon atk,bane spd) or to use them for skill fodder instead

Asked by kirby1up
22 hours 57 minutes ago

I have good luck. Now watch me get to 18% pity rate.

Asked by ShinxDaSphinx
23 hours 3 minutes ago

If you didn’t realise, Panne is the next GHB. Also, Panne just saved my orbs (she was my favourite in Awakening), which means I can break my pity rate on the Greil’s Devotion banner and save a…

23 hours 24 minutes ago

Not very long ago, I made a little chart showing who would be on the Farfetched 3 banner along with Waiting Lists of each gender. There have been some changes on this data with the new banner…

Asked by Pacmaniac
23 hours 35 minutes ago

I want to say maybe not, because
- it's a B-slot. That's not something a unit doing most of the fighting can give up. Atk smoke fits very neatly into their C-slot. But it does fit very…

Asked by Seeker
23 hours 43 minutes ago

Sabotage skills are powercrept chills.

Asked by Fiel
1 day ago

Wish me luck
I’ll have around 450-550 orbs by the time the banner ends so that should be enough for a couple merges..
Hopefully I can get her to ++5 on her Legendary Banner revival.…

Asked by Hussain
1 day ago

His voice Like it's higher pitched than it should be.

These voices are bothering me. Not to Peri levels, but still. 😟

Asked by Krazytre
1 day ago

Just thought about it who will be demoted after the new banner disappears. I know it's a bit early thinking about it but it's about easier access to fodder so I like to do that.


Asked by Tymerion
1 day ago

Seeing everyone disappointed and in fear of summoning Lyn on the find and vote banner has me concerned as well, especially if I were to summon her -atk or -res. Obvious Spd Tactic fodder there,…

Asked by kageroo
1 day 1 hour ago

He's not here with Panne...

*presses F to pay respects*

Hopefully, he'll join us as the next Awakening New Heroes banner arrives.

Asked by Pacmaniac
1 day 1 hour ago

For making this banner an easy pass so I can keep saving for Brave Micaiah. I've never been fond of the non-Tellius beast units. But to those that wanted them, good for you! Also glad Keaton and…

1 day 1 hour ago

That orb count is going straight back down to zero when this banner drops. I am getting as many Selkies as I possibly can, I don't care if I've been doing good at saving. I need to get her. I have…

Asked by ShieldOfWind
1 day 1 hour ago