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If only Mist was there too, but I couldn't really fit her on the team.

14 hours 5 minutes ago

Just something I'm wondering about people who don't like fates

How do you feel about the characters?
Do you hate the game but like (some) characters?
Are the characters the…

Asked by Sir of Coffee
14 hours 39 minutes ago

Ever since I heard this was coming I have been saving basically every normal fodder unit for the time when it comes (early march I heard) because all of the sudden, units that have 2 premium…

Asked by edo5990
14 hours 52 minutes ago

They are foxes... and can't run through Forests xD

Asked by TastyBrush
15 hours 7 minutes ago

Infantry beasts get a Wo Dao when transformed.

Cavalry beasts block followups and inflict a debuff when initiating. Sad though that they can't walk through forests, even though it's their…

Asked by riccochet
15 hours 25 minutes ago


Asked by volcano
16 hours ago

I know it's movement type but It's kinda weird without a horsie, I think it's safe to say that they will release dragon cavalry in the future update.

Asked by gakii
16 hours 4 minutes ago

i still need to save orbs for Anniversary Banner maybe ill go for Beast Banner if i get all focus units from Anniversary Banner, should i also use Free Summon and 4 Summoning Tickets right now,…

Asked by PokeTrainer43
16 hours 8 minutes ago

I officially hit the milestone by saving 300 for the first time! And with a lot of great banners coming: anniversary, beasts, ophelia, I'm so happy.

I was just wondering, who'd you think…

Asked by mbalali
16 hours 20 minutes ago

+spd -def
How should I build her? I don't even have DC to give her.
Please help me!

Asked by Blabo
16 hours 36 minutes ago

I'm afraid we will get no demotes... Every single unit has a prf weapon and good skills. This reminds me of the last tellius banner or even adrift banner. We haven't got any demote for so long…

Asked by SoraAmano
16 hours 44 minutes ago

...and which IVs would you choose?

Catria or Cordelia?
Palla or Caeda?
Cherche or Camilla?

Asked by LightsidR
17 hours 8 minutes ago

I'm Pablo Picasso btw.

[(Don't get triggered, this is supposed to be a joke)]

17 hours 56 minutes ago

Maybe asking too much from IS
Keaton looks like the best from the banner tbh.

Asked by Hussain
18 hours 41 minutes ago

3 of her now, and no Hector :(
Why do you do this IS?!

Asked by TastyBrush
18 hours 46 minutes ago

They don't need the benefits of transformation. It's fine if you don't transform them, because their weapons lean more towards support.

Give Kaden double Tactics and Rally Up Atk+, and…

Asked by riccochet
19 hours 41 minutes ago

So based on the hair color of their respective strand of hair in the trailer, who do you think are Velouria and Selkie's mothers in Heroes? I would say Nix for Velouria and Hana for Selkie imo lol…

19 hours 51 minutes ago

Anyone else have units with perfect IVs they don't use? For whatever reason: whether it's a character you don't like, or you lack the resources to fully build them, or even not having space on…

Asked by Pizzaguy
19 hours 55 minutes ago

Can anyone explain how it works? I expected to see “during combat”, so are the buffs visible or invisible?

...and, if it goes on 50% difference of stats, is that both higher AND lower than…

Asked by Dan
20 hours 26 minutes ago

I got kinda confused, if X unit has 6 extra atack and 4 extra speed with buffs it means that Kaden will make it 12 and 8?

And if so L!Marth will take +6 buffs to +18

Asked by Mestm
21 hours 8 minutes ago