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I used quite alot of other heroes arts, Palla's legs took me 3 hours alone to remove the stockings from D:
I remade her to be like 30+ years old (totally not my age...)
and with a…

Asked by TastyBrush
5 hours 54 minutes ago

Foxxit Fang- "Grants Res+3. At start of combat, if unit's Res > foe's Res, and if foe uses sword, lance, axe, dragonstone, or beast damage, grants bonus to Atk/Spd/Def/Res = 50% of difference…

Asked by Sephiroth
6 hours ago

Remember how Selkie was among the top ladies not in FEH during CYL, and we felt she'll be added during the CYL runoff? Now that she's going to be summonable in a couple days, that means Louise may…

Asked by SapphireSea
6 hours ago

I don’t trust IS to demote him how do I do it myself?

Reminder to finish arena assault

Asked by RoyAhoy
6 hours 37 minutes ago

Is it necessary to have a healer in an all rounded team?

Asked by Snorkar
7 hours 2 minutes ago

I have a Flora lying around and since Selkie is a cavalry unit that will charge by herself along with her weapon I think Atk/Res Solo would be a good option on her. Is that a good skill for her?…

Asked by Pepe2303
7 hours 3 minutes ago

I have a few 5* duplicate heros I am really struggling to decide if I should merge to remove their flaw or use them to inherit their most valuable skills to other units (Distant Counter, Bold…

Asked by asaling229
8 hours ago

If marth is fully buffed with +6 to all stats, his weapon gives him an additional +6 to all stats (incombat). Now if Kaden comes along, is that an additional +6 to all stats? Totaling +18 each.…

Asked by MiThiKaL
8 hours 24 minutes ago

I currently have a + 2 def boon H! Myrrh that I want to merge more, but I really want Keaton. Should I go for Keaton and then save orbs until halloween, or go for H! Myrrh now and still save orbs…

Asked by IEatLeadChips
8 hours 44 minutes ago

Seth+Kaden (and maybe Eirika)

Asked by Sir of Coffee
8 hours 46 minutes ago

Hey guys, during my AA run I found myself running out of options to use vs Myrrh, Tiki, and Surtr. Surtr is easy enough, axebreaker + TA and he's done.

Tiki and Myrrh though... too bad…

Asked by Triton
8 hours 57 minutes ago

The new Soren has a lot of good support skills, but I don’t know which one to give to my other supports. I could just use him and his 4 skill support abilities, but what are your opinions?

Asked by pug_ugly
9 hours 26 minutes ago

I'm gonna use him for Arena, should i change something or can i start the merges ?

Asked by Adraerik
9 hours 26 minutes ago

So ticked right now. So stupid. So unnecessary. If I'm going to calculate I should do it correctly

(I guess it's not that bad when I still get top 1k probably? But that's not even why I'm…

Asked by Seeker
9 hours 26 minutes ago

I love you, but I'm gonna have to say no to trying to get you. Panne is gonna be free (Naga, why the hell is she BLUE?!) and I need to save my Orbs.

R.I.P Keaton

Asked by Krazytre
9 hours 35 minutes ago

I hate the guy as much as the rest but he’s definitely tier 1 for green armors especially with his tier 4 A skill.

Asked by Hussain
9 hours 59 minutes ago

i mean i knew i wanted him the most of the four lmao

Asked by SoWhat
10 hours 20 minutes ago

I played all 3 paths in Fates, and I understand that the story may not be the best in the history of Fire Emblem. While characters tend to be hit-or-miss in the fans' eyes, they unfortunately tend…

Asked by Neppypudding
10 hours 53 minutes ago

I asked this before but I haven't gotten many opinions but I have been struggling with how I'll be using my orbs. ATM I have 302 and there are three banners I wanna summon for: Beasts (only for…

Asked by mbalali
12 hours 16 minutes ago

But what do you think of my Enemy Phase Kana? He's pretty damn useful, doubles back and effectively has 44 SPD to avoid doubles. Water Breath gives 4 to DEF and RES on Enemy Phase. Plus the hefty…

Asked by Machi
12 hours 53 minutes ago