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First will be the core:

Velouria (Support: Ares)

Wolfpup Fang

Fortress Def/Res 3 or Distant Counter

Atk/Spd Link 3
Def Tactic 3

Asked by riccochet
35 minutes 39 seconds ago

Been working on some stat baselines to work with for SI. Would love input for more units/builds to think about.

HP (Panic Ploy+HP-matters Weapons)
* Arden: 60
* Loki+…

42 minutes 40 seconds ago

She'll do it, I've seen her!

It is oh so satisfying seeing her take down Male Grimas! I'm considering giving her guard when Naesala becomes available through grails.

47 minutes 29 seconds ago

Is he rhe best in the summon

Asked by galvana
1 hour ago

Who do you guys think will be there?

Rn I think Rutger and Igrene have a good chance. I know there will most likely be only two guys, maybe 3 if we're lucky. Since I would also like to see…

Asked by Souljia Boy
1 hour 34 minutes ago

But I guess I'll take a +Spd -Hp Lute, at least I can leave this banner with some kinda 5*

Asked by GVader
2 hours 16 minutes ago

Sooooo, I am just seeing what the opinions of other people are, who's better FAdrift Corrin or Fae?

Asked by NOWI
2 hours 31 minutes ago

Why is L!Ike wearing almost full body for and is infantry and V!Ike is wearing a t-shirt and a robe and is infantry. Also when I first looked at the Christmas banner and saw erika I thought she…

2 hours ago

I have been saving orbs for what feels like an ETERNITY (probably only a few weeks lol), and they drop this beast banner instead!? I mean, I'm all for it and all, but now!? Do you guys have any…

3 hours 7 minutes ago

Please don't let this actually happen in the game, I've been waiting for Keaton for so long and the red pool is so big...

Asked by ianology
3 hours 34 minutes ago

People were always wanting Greil but was it just because they liked him in his game or because he was actually good because his skills suck.

3 hours 40 minutes ago

We miss you Lain.

Asked by Kathanay
3 hours 41 minutes ago

Is it acceptable to talk about this stuff on here, since it's not Heroes? I'm just having trouble getting cheats to work on myboy & I'm sure others on here use it too, maybe someone has some…

3 hours ago

What are your thoughts on the upcoming changes?

Looks like Seeker will finally be able to pin posts to the top after every banner so that's good.

Asked by Pizzaguy
4 hours ago

Atk or speed refine for this guy?

I am thinking attack because his effective damage scales but +1 is just so paltry

Asked by maldotcom
4 hours ago

Tier 4 skills weren't useable in the arena and would automatically adjust down to tier 3 while in the arena?

4 hours ago

Got wrath fodder too. Or maybe blue flame since i'll be building severa with heart blade and quad bonds.

5 hours ago

I obtained Nino before 3.2 introduced Iris' Tome, and quickly took a liking to her. As a 5*, will she be granted Iris' Tome freely post-update or must I summon her again?

Asked by modzero
5 hours 27 minutes ago

I think Youtube is trying to send me a message but i'm too distracted by a wolf cub to see it. Maybe you guys can pinpoint the message?

5 hours 28 minutes ago

I know that the banner itself only start the 20th, but I thought the patch might drop tonight - the change of arena/AR season is a good opportunity for an update. This way, we could expect a…

Asked by Kathanay
5 hours 56 minutes ago