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Give me that Fanservice😏 am I the only one happy about Ryoma. The last time I can remember a nearly naked man(cause we get lewd damaged art for women all the time) was the summer so this is good,…

Asked by Kaia
13 minutes 56 seconds ago

And joining the two version of Nowi, a character who appears to be 12 years ol and is dressed like a sripper, we have two young girls in bath towels! The developers are making delibeate choices to…

Asked by Technocolor
43 minutes 20 seconds ago

Hinoka actually looks pun intended. Also, stupid sexy Ryoma but we all probably knew that already.

Elise looks so fucking cute with her hair like that.

45 minutes 50 seconds ago

I'm only interested in sakura,hinoka is my favorite noble in fates,but this alt is just not for me.

Asked by antsims93
53 minutes 55 seconds ago

to get the most disliked banner
Missing some votes. But the day isnt over yet
Not that will change some IS choices lmao

in tatiana "choices"

Asked by SoWhat
58 minutes 42 seconds ago

Fallen Robin (M): +DEF/-RES or +RES/-DEF

Lucky enough to get two, unlucky enough to get these IVs...
Don't really have a preference for either one, but I'm leaning towards +DEF

Asked by pug_ugly
1 hour 2 minutes ago

Personally, I’m hoping for:
34 HP,
35 Atk
36 Spd
15 Def
25 Res

A total of 145 bst, for comparison, S!Linde’s bst is 144

(I posted this question before,…

Asked by Noli03
1 hour ago

3 Alts in one year.
While Alm doesn't even get one banner in a fuckin' year.

Good job, IS.

Asked by Lain
1 hour 3 minutes ago

But me. Hinoka’s weapon is great for killing Dragons, that is tempting me a little and Elise looks amazing. If I free summon Elise I can fodder S!Linde for her weapon so I still have a Mounted…

1 hour ago

If you could update any ONE unit's base kit, who would it be, what would you give them, and why? You can include prf weapons if the unit does not have one, or you feel like the one the unit does…

Asked by Krazytre
1 hour 19 minutes ago

He should have been the TT character.
Now he's just in the corner, growing his tomato plants

Asked by Sir of Coffee
1 hour 35 minutes ago

While I understand that the salt posts are lowkey annoying, calling the whole fandom "toxic" because of it feels like a bit of a reach, no? And c'mon, let people vent out a bit, it's not like we…

Asked by puertanico
1 hour ago

In my own opinion I dont really care about who and who doesn't get an alt, also at the end of the say most people don't use units for the sake of using that unit, but ultimately the skills that…

Asked by Random
1 hour ago

67 is the total amount of orbs the events related to this banner will bring. (12 from paralogue and quests, 13 from login bonus and 42 from tempest trials.) That alone would put me at around 250…

1 hour ago


How does this make you feel?

Asked by ShinxDaSphinx
1 hour ago

I don't like the new format of banner trailers simply because they show art of the characters before actually revealing them, effectively ruining the surprises outside of free units.


Asked by Pacmaniac
1 hour 53 minutes ago

Ooh boy, people are pissed.

Can't say I am, kinda. numb to it now.
There's only one thing..
They should have been infantry. Being mounted is just silly.

Also, every gets…

Asked by Sir of Coffee
2 hours 9 minutes ago

I can't understand this fanbase. I know we all won't agree with some things, I know we all express our own opinions, but it's the way we do it that really pisses me off.
I reason why think…

Asked by ShieldOfWind
2 hours 10 minutes ago

Who do you guys hope to see?

Marcus would be pretty dope. My guy Rutger too.

Asked by Jpod
2 hours 13 minutes ago