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Latest Questions


Like Null Follow-Up, do you think we'd likely see a "Null Sweep" skill to counter skill that prevent counterattacks? I think this would be an excellent B-slot ability and currently theres no hard…

Asked by Ataraxia
1 hour 9 minutes ago

Honestly, I can’t figure out where this name comes from. Someone know?

If it’s meant to be “Smallzura”, then that “o” is the stupidest thing I’ve heard of (feels good or get that out). But…

Asked by Dan
1 hour ago

Anyone in tier 21 know what score you need to get per battle (before bonus unit kills), I've been able to get around 740 this season with Gwendolyn as a bonus unit.

Asked by Skalvalki
2 hours 2 minutes ago

I am so. tired. of seeing the same units.
in every. arena.

I get that people can choose what they want, and they choose their most powerful units as their defense.

It's just so…

2 hours 6 minutes ago

I got her randomly -hp +Attack. Are those good IVs? Is she worth keeping since I have a well built Tana? If so how should I build her? Thanks in advance.

Asked by Coredanger
2 hours 14 minutes ago

Cant wait to farm that merit.

Asked by Allin
2 hours ago

Which works better Brazen Atk/Def or Fury?? I've seen both in the arena, so I'm confused which suits him best...

Asked by Silas Fayte
2 hours 36 minutes ago

Sigurd happened about a year ago at 159 and nothing has matched him yet, hes ripe for powercreep.

Asked by Allin
2 hours ago

So, I have a +5 Seliph +ATK/-RES with Steady Breath, Quick Riposte and Panic Ploy.

I'm thinking that giving him one of the 2 sacred seals will help his all around defensive enemy phase…

Asked by rallyer
3 hours 28 minutes ago

Hello Everyone,
Let's discuss on which fortress do you think is better to upgrade 1st.
lv 3 Fortress O cost 1k dew, while lv 2 Fortress D cost 500 dew.

for those who have…

Asked by Vergessen
3 hours 41 minutes ago

I’d assume they can because it doesn’t say they can’t, but if they are invincible then that’s not a good thing

3 hours 49 minutes ago

Such as Dragon, bow, staff, axe, etc...
You could also do an overall character like
Armoured, infantry, etc.

I just want to know people's tastes in units.

4 hours 7 minutes ago
Asked by DojoMaster51
4 hours 50 minutes ago

Saw this Lucina in AR. Whoever built her is a ruthless monster...

Asked by Raspberryism
5 hours 18 minutes ago

I got her within 9 orbs (my friend insisted to try summoning so I gave him a chance, and he actually got her, absolute madlad). -DEF, +RES so it probably doesn't matter. I'm using her Atk/Spd Bond…

Asked by puertanico
5 hours ago

Last season was manageable thanks to Fjorm, but this time I had to crawl through 30 minutes of hell on nearly every match because of mediocre bonus heroes - you see, I've only Smolzura, LIke and…

Asked by Dorayaki
6 hours 9 minutes ago

It’s a pretty simple build but I think it could work well?

Asked by Petra.286
6 hours 35 minutes ago

Pick a unit or character not ingame and build them. Or even pick a character that's ingame but a promoted version of them. Pick the artist, the VA, the skills, etc. Have a blast.


Asked by ArgentSable
6 hours 40 minutes ago

I expect to be tier 11 in a few days. Can’t afford the defensive bonus set this season. That’s where I stand. What is more important between aether pit and defensive fort level up?

Asked by Dan
6 hours 46 minutes ago

I have a Merged +1 legendary Ike -Res +def that I never use and a -hp +res Adrift Corrin with Guard and Even Attack Wave. Kill Ike to give Warding Breath to Corrin or what? Ike is below:

Asked by Coredanger
6 hours 53 minutes ago