In your opinion, what is the most useful Staff?

So, I've decided that I'm going to build Priscilla up to +10 so that I can lead with her for Rival Domains / Grand Conquest and have another Dazzling Staff user for Arena Assault alongside my Elise, Bride Lyn, and Genny. [I also like her from FE7 and think that she's really cute, but let's not talk about that.] I plan to give her at least Pain+ and Gravity+, but I'm not sure which one of the two (or any of the other Staves, excluding Candlelight+ because I don't have a spare Bride Lyn) others would rather have for those game modes.

Personally, I find Gravity+ to be more useful than any other Staff, at least for Arena Assault. Reducing the enemy's movement is such a powerful ability to have at your disposal because it gives you plenty of options to work with: You can retreat outside the enemy's range if you need to recover HP, regain stats after a debuff, or avoid battles that your unit can't take; and you have more range to eliminate or deal massive damage to your foes. I typically use Gravity with Savage Blow so that I can deal an additional 7 (or 14 with Savage Blow 6) extra chip damage to slowly whittle them down while preventing them from moving very far. (Great on maps with choke points or annoying terrain like rivers, mountains, and lava.)

However, I don't know if this is going to be as useful for Rival Domains / Grand Conquests, where you might want to deal massive chip damage to units that are on the fort / camp tiles, reverse buffs on enemy units to cripple them, or debuff Atk / Spd to allow your own units to survive more fights rather than limiting their movement. I'd like to know what you guys think.

Asked by Master NaCl4 months ago


Pain+ and Slow+ are the best imo. Pain+ is good because you can stack splash damage and Slow+ is good since the speed meta keeps getting worse and worse


My vote (for general use across all game modes):
1. Gravity+
2. Candlelight+
3. Pain+
Honorable mention. Absorb+ (wrathful refine with close counter and quick riposte)

No opinion on Trilemma because I don't have much personal experience with it. But it sounds really fun.

EDIT: If I had to exclude Candlelight+ I would bump everything up and put Slow+ as the honorable mention. Panic is good but Slow+ is more reliable.


Gravity+ is generally my favorite. In gc I run pain. I'd also like to play around with trilemma


For me my personal favorites are Fear+ and Slow+. As much as extra damage and lowering movement ability helps, I use healers as full on support and if they do find themselves attacking, they really shouldn’t be trying to kill the whole map. So being able to debuff the enemies attack or speed for another ally that needs a boost is what matters most


I'd argue that reducing the movement of your enemies is more of an incredibly valuable supportive asset rather than a purely offensive ability. If the enemy can't reach your units, then you have more flexibility in what your team can do.

Still, I do agree that Healers are, above all, supportive types rather than killing machines, and Slow+ and Fear+ are incredible for providing debuff utility for their team.