Wrath to who?

I have finally pulled a single Nephenee and am torn who to pass her amazing Wrath skill to. The two units I am looking at.

Black Knight +1
I do not have a B!Ike to pass Steay Breath to him also but might in the future after giving my Nowi Steady Breath first.

Arya +Hp -Atk
Haven't passed anything to her besides reposition and threaten speed. She is standard.

It's hard for me since I use them both tons. So please give opinions on if I should go with the Black Knight or Arya for this rare Wrath skill pass. Thanks.

Asked by WhosJohnGill10 months 3 weeks ago


Arya, since she is upgradable while BK is a limited unit. Compared to BK, Arya is also a better overall unit.


If you can try to get another ayra (next banner) with better IV, keep wrath for her.
If not, BK is a strong choice (plus you won't give him steady breath cause nowi needs that skill).
What's your B skill right now ? Quick riposte ?