Would it be possible for Ophelia to fire off Aether every turn?

I got myself a lovely +Spd,-Res Ophelia this morning, and I'm not above sacrificing my Lewyn for her. Thing is, Specials confuse the hell out of me, and I don't know why.

1. Is it possible for her to use Aether every attack?
2. If it is, how many magic users would need to be on her team?
3. Do staff users count as magic users? Or just tomes?
4. Should I be considering Galeforce instead?

Thank you!

Asked by AnxiousOddish3 months ago


1. Yes.
2. Aether with her tome = 4cd. After first proc Special Spiral would reduce it to 2cd. So 1 additional Magic user would turn Aether into an instant proc at the start of each turn.
3. I think yes magic means both.
4. Sorry to break that dream but ranged units cannot use Galeforce. I wish they could though.


by Guts 3 months ago

Her tome reduces cooldown at the start of turn 1 and not in any following turns. You could potentially do a perma aether strat with at least two other mages + special spiral.

With this she would either have it ready or at 1cd at the start of the match. After combat where aether triggers, she would start the next fight with aether at 2cd thanks to special spiral. After that, she can proc aether in every fight as long as she does a follow-up attack.

Sidenote: Magic user = tome only. No staff users, no dragons


You could, but i think you're over valuing aether lol. With a lot less effort you could just have her nuke people, not take damage and therefore not need the heal.

For example, Luna is a 3 turn cooldown and does the damage half of aether. With one other mage on your team and special spiral you would always have luna active


Infantry mage with infantry pulse (and high HP). Something like Merric (he likes wizards), Henry or Odin.

L-Hector for Ostia's pulse. So you need a non-infantry mage like W-tharja, H-Henry, S-camilla or Bridal-Ninian (armored are super-strong but you can use guidance with a flying unit).

Ophelia would love that.
L-Hector to wall physical threat
W-Tharja to wall magic threat
Merric because he needs love
Ophelia to smash everyone