WoF Hinoka

So I've had a WoF!Hinkoa since she came out, but she's -atk/+hp. I've been running her with her LnD and her pref bow, but I've been wondering if there's a better option for her. I don't have Firesweep bow, so that's not an option, so I've mainly been considering brave bow. She is on a full tactics team, so she does have access to full buffs as well. Just wondering if there are any other options worth considering.

Asked by Thehalohedgehog1 week 4 days ago


Depends, really. If I recall, her prf has effectiveness against armored units, and, if you're using her for Arena, you probably don't want to change that, but Life and Death is probably not the best option for her.

If she's not being used for Arena, then I'd go with either Brave or Slaying, or maybe hit the unit builder and see how she does with mage tanking with Guard Bow.


Not much reason to change her bow considering it gives drive attack and effectiveness on 2 weapon types. She should be fine just add more drives on her