Why Winter Thraja is an armored unit

I know some people already figured this out, but I was talking to a friend about Fire Emblem Heroes character alts and we realized that most of the alternate units are references to either promoted classes or base classes they can become in their respective game. So the reason Winter Thraja is an armored unit in heroes is that one of her base classes is the Knight line which most people would promote her to for the Pavis or Aegis skill.

Asked by Demigami4 months 4 weeks ago


Well, the datamine guys founded images from WTharja and WRobin in the start of the game, which means that IS planned to use they on the game, but one year passed and IS made both was armored(even without a armour) because they have seen the oportunity to get extra money from players.
Higher BST and strong skills are much valuable to the players and high HIGH HIGH level of Tier 20 is all about armored.
No one knows what class they could be in the start of the game, IS will always want money and that was the reason, infantry and fliers would not have the same effect. $$$


yeah that kinda makes sense especially considering sorcerers and dark mages are kinda psuedo-armor units .

it could also be because she's casting defensive hexes on herself with the drawback of restricted movement.

could also be a reference to how dark tomes weigh more than regular tomes which contributes somewhat to why henry and sophia are slow.


It *could* be that, but it's pretty inconsistent since, like you said, "some" of them would be base-class references. Cordelia can't be a bride unless you have the DLC, Lyn can't be a healer (I don't recall her being able to be one anyway), and Erika, if I recall, doesn't wield magic (SM!Eirika is still a bit weird for me, but isn't she supposed to have amnesia or something?).

I think W!Tharja was just supposed to be a joke because she's hardly wearing clothing, yet she's supposed to be a Christmas unit, and the connection between what a lot of people did in their personal playthrough of Awakening is more of a coincidence than anything.


SM!Eirika is a weird case honestly. There's a glitch in Sacred Stones that can allow anyone to wield/gain weapon ranks in dark magic so her alt is very likely the developers trying to make at nod at that glitch. I don't know the specifics of the glitch just that it exists, I've read over how to do it once but that was back when SM!Eirika came out and I haven't gone back to play SS in years.