Why is Camilla better than Beruka?

I have zero 5* axes and I'm considering Camilla or Beruka. Also keeping in mind the challenge of beating the 10th floor with only flying units.
Camila has a better score in this site but Beruka has better stats...?! Is it bc of Brave axe? In that case, the best thing to do would be to promote Camilla to 5* in order to sacrifice her to give Beruka Brave axe+?

For info both my Beruka and Camilla are +res/-spd

Asked by firi1 year 2 months ago


If you strip both characters of their weapons and skills, you'll see that actually Camilla has a BST of 158 and Beruka has a BST of 157 - not enough to matter. The reason why Camilla has lower stats is because her brave axe has lower might than the killer axe (8 vs 11) AND because it imposes a -5 speed on the user. So, if you give Beruka her brave axe you'll see that she has even worse stats - for a neutral beruka, it would be:
HP 46, Atk 37, Spd 18, Def 37, Res 22.

So, you'll see that their BST are actually quite similar (for the record, all meleers with move of 2 that aren't dragons have a BST of 157 or 158).

The reason why Camilla is considered superior is because her stat distribution is much better - Beruka is a physical tank that hits not really hard and that will be doubled by almost everyone. Camilla has far less defense and HP, but her speed means she is actually tankier in most cases - and she isn't as vulnerable to magic damage (which is good, as Linde is quite popular lately). Finally, you don't require the sacrifice of a 5 star character to give her a brave weapon - she already has it.

That doesn't mean that you can't make Beruka work - good skill choices can balance out the deficiences and make for a nice character. For example, her natively huge defense means that with some help she can shine as a brave user, not caring about speed - as long as she doesn't get anywhere near a mage (admittedly -Spd/+Res helps a bit with that, but res 25 is still very poor on a character with Spd 15 including the brave axe)

My 5* Camilla likes to do 0x2 damage pretty frequently in 10th stratum so I don't think it's worth the 20K feathers for you.

Maybe pull for Minerva in the battling Michalis Banner. She's been carrying me on that quest.

Minerva only has 1 pt more of base attack than camilla (and 2 more than beruka). She hits so hard thanks to life and death and her Hauteclere's 16 base might. As a brave weapon user she wouldn't be much better than camilla or Beruka - but if you keep her weapon she's probably the better of the three.

Yeah, I wasn't suggesting her as a candidate for skill inheritance. I was suggesting her because she already starts out with more useful skills/weapons for the 10th stratum.

Edit: If I did want to give a Brave axe+ to someone it'd probably be Cherche

Aaand - I just got a +Spd/-Res Cherche. I'm torn. Giving her a brave looks like a waste.

Also, I don't think I'd ever be able to sacrifice my Camilla. She's such an awesome tank...

Meh, my Camilla smashes face and eats effies and Corrin(F)s for lunch in Arena battles quite happily, so I disagree on the first part.

As for the second part - yeah, got to agree that Cherche would be better as a brave weapon user.