whom to promote?

notable 4*s :
Klein (+Atk/-Res)
Effie(+Atk/-HP) (have two)
Nino(+Def/-Atk)(two of them lol)
and GHB units, Sharena and Alfonse

my current *5s:

my current team is CorrinF,Hector,Sanaki/Ogma, Archer. for me, the most tempting to promote is klein because atk boon and my archers rarely double hitting enemies in arena because of fury3 and other high spd enemies. but it's kind of waste to spend it to archer too. i have no luck pulling good mage(lol nino) and current summon focus have reinhardt in it. so, whom to promote? or should i wait for new pulls?

Asked by yodk1 year 1 month ago


I'd say Klein, he has the best IV spread out of all of them. Jeorge is another solid option though if you want a more speedy archer, Jeorge is more like a team player instead of a soloing ranged nuke.

For now your team is looking fine and I'd prefer using Sanaki so that you have a balance between magic and physical damage.

I rarely use 5*star jeorge since rebecca has better speed and darting blow. Is it better to promote jeorge and merge the +hp one to +spd or just promote klein?

+Atk Klein can take out most units before taking any damage. He is a much easier unit to use than both Rebecca and Jeorge, in my opinion. Just keep him buffed beside your Sanaki(if you are using), and have one unit with Draw Back. You will probably be using him to take out most of the enemies' units.

by yodk 1 year 1 month ago

decided to promote klein. i think klein will synergize well with sanaki and corrinF fighting tanky enemies. sanaki with seal def3 to attack first thus lowering its defense. after that klein will finish it with brave bow. corrinF will attack near enemies and lowering its attack(that is if it's still alive). also both of them have hone atk3 so there's not much problem to place him in battle. what's a good B skill for klein to work with this kind of play?

Oh baby do I love my 5* Sharena. She almost always makes it onto my team. I definitely recommend her if you get 20k again