Who shall be blessed with Close counter?

Og Takumi pitybroke me earlier today, and since I summoned him before and we got a 4* version, I'm considering giving CC to someone (need some more room in my barracks tbh).
My main contenders are :
Halloween Henry
Halloween Jakob
Spring Camilla (with 36 Def wtf).
If they're not relevant, who would be?

Asked by Hugo-Zinzin4 months ago


by Guts 4 months 1 week ago

Out of the choices you provided, Halloween Jakob is most likely the best contender imho, but Henry can also be good (although it depends on his IV a lot).

I would probably go a different route, since I'm kind of obsessed with squeezing as much value as possible out of premium fodder, I would give it to a unit, which I can reliably merge to +10. Out of those I would consider Gordin (yeah, he can be actually pretty awesome), Boey, Morgan, Robin (male), Saizo.


Depends on what you're willing to give who, vengeful fighter CC Jakub is nasty. But so is ignis Gronowl Henry with QR or fighter skill


by Pauly 4 months 1 week ago

Jakob performs best with DB3+Bold Fighter and Henry is a subpar Def tank. I'd go with Camilla of the three.