Who to 5 star

I'm looking to five star another unit once tempest trails come out, it's currently between xander and a -hp +res nino, thoughts?

Asked by yoyoyoshi1236 months ago


Depends on what you need. Xander is a DC unit with decent attack and high defense, not to mention can benefit from Cavalry buffs. Nino is an infantry Bladetome user that can "potentially" nuke the enemy team given the right skill set and IVs. Normally, people want to go for +Speed on Bladetome mages, so...

well, I have a +def L!ike, and i gave him vantage, thus making him a monster for both phases, and I already have three green mages, sonya being my fave. and by this, I'll probably do nino but we'll see.

Xander. Absolutely. Cause i'd wait for a better IVs Nino. If you get a +spd or +atk she's basically the green tome infantry god

If you don't wanna waste feathers on Xander, then why was it between him and Nino? It seems like it's "Do I use 20k to upgrade Nino now, or wait until I get a better IV Nino?" since you've pretty much made up your mind. lol

wait on a +spd or +atk nino before promoting to 5*. xander I've used a ton in cavalry teams - with camus (built in distant counter), blade tome cecilia, and brave lyn. xander is great in this regard.

Even if you don’t use Xander now, doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. I’d definitely wait on the Nino, at least for +Atk or +spd. She really is the best green tome infantry unit. Xander works really good on cavalry teams. :) but it’s really up to you.

Wouldn't bother upgrading Nino unless she's a +SPD/-HP or -DEF. Xander is a fantastic unit to upgrade otherwise.