Which Legendary Ike boon/banes are better than neutral?

Since we all got a neutral Ike, it would be useful to have a list of IVs that are better than neutral. Since I do not plan on getting many merges, I am looking for the best IV for unmerged LIke using Warding Breath not Steady Breath. Please list all IVs from best to worst until you get to neutral. So far, I am thinking:

+Def/-Res (not sure about this one)

I really don't like taking a superbane in HP but there's no better option. Does taking a Res bane affect important green/red mage/dragon matchups?

I actually got a +Def/-Res and I can't decide to keep that one or neutral.

Asked by WeLikeIke276 months ago


Since V!ike's res stat isn't that great, then you can choose that as his dump stat if you wish. So..


Out of those four, I'd probably choose +Def/-Res... in fact that might be what mine was. V!Ike really shouldn't be in the vicinity of anything that hits resistance UNLESS you're going to spend his skill slots bolstering up his res stat, but I don't think that's worth it.

Personally I'd go for +atk -res, his res is absolute trash and as soon as I could replace Warding Breath with Steady Breath and not pit him against any mages save for the occasional green mage to one shot. His best stats are atk and def so go for either of those with a res bane imo.

so I just made this as a discussion, but I actually only have +Def/-Res and neutral. Wish I had a +Atk or +Spd because that would make the decision easier, but I'm not sure if I want to keep him more balanced at neutral or go all in on Def. If I get spare BIkes, I'd give them to Nowi, BK, Fae and probably ATiki before VIke since he's got Warding Breath already so it would be a long time if ever before I could replace his WB for SB so that's why I'm asking about WB.

Go for neutral. He have enough Def to win against most blue units and recover most of the damage(due to blue units mostly will have more HP when he attack with his special), as long as they don't have swordbreaker ,TA, or high attack and spd enough to double him. The res help him have more chance to win against Nowi, though it still depend on how the Nowi is built.

From experience, I would go for +ATK/-HP. If you bond him with the summoner and give him distant defense for S, he can actually survive a none buffed +Att Reinhardt (S:+3 Att) when standing on a defend tile with any kind of Res buff(or the +2 from a character bond), killing him in return. Where as with +Atk/-res you will be a few hp short. For him, max Hp isn't really important (except when avoiding one round KO) because he will constantly recover them.

+spd -hp is his best so he can get infantry pulse, not get doubled and proc aether after tanking one hit! He has huge atak already, people way undervalue avaiding doubles with QR!!!