Helloooooo all! I lurk around here alot, but finally decided to make a account so I could ask this very important question.
So, I FINALLY got ALL the LA Lyns I need to +10 her! :D
She will be my first 5 Star only +10 I've ever had, and she's my favorite character in the whole series which is awesome! <3 LYN

So, I got 4 LA Lyns today.
3 were -ATK +DEF and one was -ATK +SPD.

My current LA Lyn set is as follows:
+6 Merged + Summoner Support (<3 LYN)
-RES +SPD (Yay for banes no longer mattering!)
Usually Blarblade+ but sometimes Blarowl +DEF
Close Counter
Bold Fighter
Armor March
Seal is usually Close Defense but I use +5 HP to avoid being panicked in Aether Raids.

The reason I've been thinking about changing the IV is mainly due to my set already having Bold Fighter. It feels a little redundant to have Bold Fighter WITH +SPD ya know? Besides, with her summon support boost she's only 1 point off of a speed boon anyways. So, I've been feeling like +DEF would benefit her more since she auto doubles basically everything already. Plus, I have Close Counter too. I use her ALOT in Aether Raids to bait the enemy team and thus she takes alot of damage. So, it feels like the +DEF would help her. But then again the +SPD avoids some doubles which is defense in it's own way.

It's just... At +10 with summon support she would have 36/40 def/res with blarblade, or 39/40 with Blarowl+DEF which looks sick lol. idk xD

Asked by Cutiepie676 months ago


by harmoniousalgorithm 6 months 1 week ago

Personally, I'm of the mindset that Owltome+CC automatically invites as much defense as the unit can get. And it's just like you said, running Bold Fighter kinda kinda invalidates the need for speed. It's a slightly different story with mixed phase, since Bold Fighter does nothing on enemy phase, but I think with as much as you've invested in her, her speed should be just fine. TLDR, go with +Def for CC+Owltome purposes. At that point, all she really has to worry about is armor-effective damage and extremely strong green units, I'd think.

Also congrats on the +10!! :D


by Cutiepie67 6 months 1 week ago

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I agree! Since I already have Close Counter on her, might as well take advantage of her having the potential to be a mixed wall beast if invested amiright? I do kinda run mixed phase. See, it usually starts out with her taking a hit in Aether Raids, and proceeding to kill them afterwords in player phase with the blarblade buffs. That's of course assuming she didn't already one shot them on enemy phase (lol blarblade is OP).
I haven't tested too much with blarowl because she usually lacks the offense with that set. Plus, Aether Raids usually makes me have to split up my party, so at most I can only have one person next to her at all times. But still, +DEF could work well with Blarblade too. idk, I really need to test how blarowl fairs in Aether Raids honestly. xD

Thank you so much!!! :D


by Chronomalous 6 months 1 week ago

You have a real dilemma on your hands, because you have accomplished the mad task of getting 11 copies of a seasonal unit that is perhaps one of the most versatile units in the entire game.

I don't try to +anything a seasonal unless it's something like H!Myrrh, a peak arena scoring unit.


LA~Lyn can also be a pseudo-Reinhardt with Juicy Wave and Bold Fighter [sic, initially wrote Desperation], a set that likes +Atk. if you're using CC, +Atk isn't technically wasted on Lyn [sic, initially typed Myrrh] in any instance (aside from the odd Firesweep), and you can't cover as much attack with a refine.

This is not saying you should go +Atk, it's only to say that, in your unenviable position, you're forced to somewhat constrain one of the most versatile units in the game to a specific set with whatever IV you choose.

If you're using her on an armor team, I think you're somewhat constrained by the playstyle and should accept that she can't be too aggressive a sweeper without losing out on defensibility and without the threat of overextending. So I'd run Blarowl and CC (and, in fact, do) without running Bold Fighter.

On that set, probably Special Fighter is a better B skill and +Def or +Spd is the best IV. +Def has the benefit of being useful against the many melee threats and almost completely equalizing the gap between her Def and Res (for dragon threats).

+Spd is good if you ever want to switch to Blarblade for any reason.


by Cutiepie67 6 months 1 week ago

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I really got myself in some trouble didn't I? xD

Lyn is my favorite character in the series, which is why I decided that THIS would be the unit I pour all my resources into... It may also have something to do with the fact I got 5 copies of her in just 400 Orbs on her debut banner.

That Juicy set sounds evil omg! Sadly I never had access to a +ATK Lyn.

You're so right about the IVs I choose constraining her. This is so hard ugh...

I usually play characters I like, so that often time means running a mixed team involving tactics and waves. I have H!Mia for healing and guidance support, Legendary Hector for Hone Armor and armor march support and the rest are usually depending on what works for the Aether Raid. Arena is lame and I barely care about it. But I also have a mixed team for that too. Marth for dragons, Cordelia for guidance and the askir trio because im too F2P to whale every week to get into Tier 21 xD

Good points. If I ever get access to Special Fighter I'ma slap it on her. I been thinking about that for a while now.
Seems like Blarowl +Close Counter is a very strong mix most people seem to agree works best with +DEF.

Thank you for the well thought out comment! <3


by Dan 6 months 1 week ago

Congrats on the +10 brother! I think +Def is good all around. Mine is -Def sadly but +Atk which is good since she isn’t the strongest. You could really tank it up with a higher defense. Probably what I would do, but check with others in here as I only have one I’ve l,aged around with, and mine isn’t BF

Worst case, +9 her until you can figure out where you wanna go for sure, after playing her a bit at that high merge.


by Cutiepie67 6 months 1 week ago

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Thank you! :)
I know that -DEF pain all too well. On her debut banner I got 5 copies of her and like 7 other pitybreaks in just 400 Orbs basically (INSANE I know) and the best IV I could grab was +SPD -DEF. Of course I was happy, but she did take a hurting to physical units... Annnnd stupid arena and their BST crap made her drop a bin because of the superbane UGH.

It seems that the consensus in the replies here is run +DEF if using blarowl and +SPD if blarblade. Makes sense, but she's still pretty speedy even without +SPD thanks to my summoner support that I feel she could run Blarblade fine regardless.

Now THATS a great idea! I think I may do that. I haven't used Blarowl much at all anyways, I should test if running the +DEF set with blarowl+DEF is as good as NUKING everything with blarblade. And I should also see if its as fun too xD.

Thanks for the reply! :)


by Seeker 6 months 1 week ago

Huge congrats; that's a very hard unit to merge +10.

Would you give her special fighter? Then you should keep +spd.

For vengeful or bold, I say +def.

I'm actually in your position except without merges and looking at -atk. I get to choose between +def and +spd. I'm going to fodder the armour march from the other....unless a grail unit comes along with it soon, in which case I might seriously fodder the blue gift, say, to Oliver.


by Cutiepie67 6 months 1 week ago

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Thanks so much dude! : )
I honestly got pretty lucky with even +10ing her in the first place. It was a spur of the moment idea that paid off, because man, is she a BEAST. By far the best blue I've ever used. Plus, its LYN omggggggggg

Chronomalous mentioned Special Fighter as well. In truth, after realizing Bold Fighter was unnecessary I have been thinking of it ever since. Sadly, I'm f2p and only have so many opportunities... I had to pass up all of the Brave Ephraims BECAUSE I was saving for this very day. Your IV choices make sense to me. Hmm... But see, I'm not sure when the next time I'll get a chance for Special Fighter honestly... Since I'm saving up for ANOTHER seasonal unit as well, being H!Mia. (Crazy I know lol) So, +DEF seems enticing.

Ah, thats rough. :/
Blarblade fixes that -ATK tho luckily since the things busted lol.

Thanks for the reply dood! :)