Which hero promote?

Klein +ATK -DEF
Reinhardt +DEF -SPD
Xander to merge

I don't have other blue mage or archer 5 stars, thanks!

Asked by Alf11 months ago


by Joonie 11 months 1 week ago

Klein - excellent choice if you really want an archer, although mages are generally better in the meta after skill inheritance

Reinhardt - not worth it, atk+ is the only way to go for him since that unlocks so many important OHKOs

Xander - great if you're running horse emblem, otherwise I'd save the feathers

by James5 11 months 1 week ago

+atk on Reinhardt is pretty important as he is meant to attack first that's a difference of 6 damage, Klein got the right IV buff to be optimal, so probably Klein as you keep and eye out for +att Reinhardt.