Which colorless?

So, I have a +Hp -Resistance Kagero and a +Speed -Resistance Gordin. Normally, I wouldn't think about promoting units with IVs like these but I've been in need of a colorless nuker for a while now. I've tried to hold off for better but I'm not sure if I can wait too much longer. So my question is, which one is more usable with the IVs they have? If it matters at all, I plan on giving Kagero Fury, Moonbow, and Vantage if I do her, or giving Gordin Luna and Lance Breaker if I do him.

Asked by PurpleMonkeyzzz1 year 1 month ago


by Daily 1 year 1 month ago

I'd do Life and Death over Fury. Also, run a Hone Speed so you reach levels to double most things. But, yeah, Kagero, easily.

I have a neutral kagero with no inherit skills and shes still fantastic, but id say run L&D if you can get ahold of a unit with it, or if you're really dedicated you can promote zephiel, he has it

Run Defiant attack as her A slot and Ardent sacrifice as her assistance, she's expected to be at half health for both Vantage and Defiant attack to trigger once its your turn which allows her to waste any ranged infantry that try to finish her off. Defiant attack is better in my opinion on someone like Kagero, as her speed isn't top notch and with an +atk plus 7 from defiant attack puts her at 50 attack which should be enough to outright KO any infantry in one strike.