Which child unit would you like to see in FEH?

Basically what the title says, but no Yarne, Selkie or Velouria, those are obvious picks but they're beast units so I'm leaving them out.

I'd love to see Forrest and I guess Mitama as well??? But I hope that Cynthia and OG Inigo and Noire make it as well.

(also really unrelated but wheres priam)

Asked by P1 week 3 days ago


Mitama, Forrest, Selkie, Ignatius, Dwyer and Percy.

Yes all of them are from Fates, shush. Fates baby and proud.


I'd like to see Kjelle, not sure how she'd be stat-wise to differentiate her from Effie but I just want her. Add Nah and Cynthia as well then that's every unit from Awakening I want in the game.


by Kaia 1 week 3 days ago

Pretty much what you said I'm still waiting for my little Forrest💘 and my daughter Mitama since I married Azama. And you can't have Forrest without his boyfrie- I mean Best friend Kiragi😁. Oh and Brady cause I married him in Awakening(Why do I keep marrying Healers?).


I really want Forrest added as well, along with Kiragi.
It’d also be nice to have more child units from Genealogy, like Ced, Larcei, and Altena. Especially Altena


I really really want to see Ced,normal Noire and Sophie.
i really like them for reasons,especially Ced.
And Nah!


by Lain 1 week 3 days ago

It will never happen because none even gives a damn or even knows that he exists.
But Ewan will be in the game, someday, and I'll wait for this day to come.


Who was the nerdy guy from Awakening? With the glasses? The mage? I'd like to see him.

Oh, and Jakob's son. He was really amusing.