Which Brave Roy

I've got one that's +Atk -Def and +Spd -Res.
Which one should I keep and should I then merge them or save one as a Galeforce folder?


Asked by Sarzoy10 months ago


by rlu 10 months 1 week ago

Personally I'd merge and keep the plus speed one. Give him the attack seal. Perhaps other people have different opinions? plus att is his best boon but resist is his best bane. So it's hard to say.

+Spd and merge. With Fury and +1 he'll have 41 speed and enough attack for the Heavy Blade effect most of the time, you want him to double to get Galeforce in one exchange. -Res is also better than -def.

+spd -res. Roy needs what little defense he has to take out units and activate galeforce.

I'd go with +Spd Roy. +Atk is great, but that -Def might hurt him in the long run. -Res is better since his Res is already pretty bad as is.

+spd/-res is his best IV overall. Roy's optimal setup is attack > get countered > follow-up attack, which charges Galeforce (especially with horse buffs), with Fury dropping him into D3 range. This allows him to murder the next target, run to safety, or even clear out the map if you've got WoM dancers.