What is your unrealistic merge project?

My unrealistic merge project is a +10 +atk -hp Lady of the Plains Lyn.

Her skills would be brazen atk/spd, wrath 3, flexible C skill, but maybe a ploy of some sort, and finally a flashing blade 3 seal. She would have moonbow as a special, and reciprocal aid as her assist. With this build, when she reaches her threshold of 75% HP, she has desperation 3 as well as brash assault(5.5? kinda weird since her effect refine is like super brash assault with desperation 3), wrath 3, and brazen att/spd 3. Since I haven't had the ability to actually experiment, it might be better to run luna or another 3 turn special since wrath 3 will be in effect. Long story short, when she hits this threshold she becomes absolutely terrifying. She was my first 5 star, as well as my first ever fire emblem unit to control in FE7 and while she hasn't been used lately, I have been searching for her nonetheless. I truly hope she gets demoted so I can make this build once and for all.

What do you guys all want to make as your unrealistic merge project?

Asked by Tarcc3 weeks 1 day ago


Man that sigurd looks terrifying, I personally always have difficulty with him and have never seen one merged that high. You use him for arena or just pretty much everything?

I really like Sigurd as a merged unit, his BST is already the highest of any sword unit, and this merge just brings it even higher. Not sure about the build though.
Was thinking of going with L&D. Maybe with aether and heavy/swift blade

As for my usage, he's pretty much my to go unit if I need a solid cav to fill a slot. I try to not use him all the time though

The thing with sigurd is the build and skills he comes with make him an absolute terror already and I personally think Life and death would hinder him in terms of being and enemy phase style unit but if you make him solely a player phase unit slap LnD 3 with Heavy Blade and if you wanted more Atk you could give him Odd Atk Wave and make him an absolute beast. Pair him up with performance Azura and off he goes killin everything. Your sigurd would hit like 67 atk on odd turns and buffed. I think that'd be awesome.

Odd atk wave is such a premium skill that I doubt I'll ever put it on him.

Swift sparrow might be a better option for mixed phase, though my Sigurd would still have 31 def with L&D

Biggest problem is the premium fodder I need to justify taking Close def off.

My Sigurd is also +spd -hp! I also got a +def -hp sigurd but I love the speed to sometimes double on player phase. I haven't yet merged any, but depending on how things go, I may go that path.

Don't feel too presured to merg them all, base Sigurd works well even unmerged.

Speed is probably his best boon, at the very least he avoids doubles from some fast red units who would otherwise murder him

I've been lucky to get 3 Lyns and I would love to plus 10 her someday although it probably wouldn't happen unless I whale on a banner featuring her in it.
I always thought IS could do a cool banner event where similar to those 4 star banners with like 12 characters have 12 characters that are 5 star locked temporarily be available at 3, 4 and 5 star. Would that likely happen probably not but it would be a cool idea. The banner could run similar to a legendary banner in terms of time frame.

I just want her to be demoted so I can finally have my super lyn..... back in the day when skill inheritance first came out I actually gave her brash assault 3 to synergize with her desperation 2 weapon. This was all before refines and sacred seals, and now that she has such an awesome refine, I can't find her anymore! I have a +1 lyn with +def -hp and I just want the +atk lyn so bad!

I would love to finish my sanaki,but I can't justify spending that much money on something like this it's a nice pipe dream though

Holy damn, that's some dedication to speed.

I've also got a Sanaki that I've been wishing to refine (with the effect) But she's -spd +def.. So basicly the worst IV

Well, it's probably Lilina, before the April update I got pity broken twice by 2 Lilinas, and she is +Atk/-Hp. I don't really know if it is unrealistic as she's now in the 4/3* pool. Currently looking for a +Spd Lilina.

Someday. Only seen her on a few banners and I have been playing around with +3 atk +3 spd or as of recent the newer HP/Res seals.

Out of all of my units, the unrealistic merge project is Ayra. She's currently +3 and gave her Summoner Support because I use her so much.

Another thing is that I get some units unrealisticly much as 4*.

I've been wanting to get A good IV L'Arachel for a while now, but I've gotten just so many damn Shigure's on my blue orbs (including one pity breaker 5*). And now I'm unsure if I should build that guy..

by Deef 3 weeks 1 day ago

4*+ 10 Takumi :D because pineapples are best.
All jokes aside, its L!Ike, not as unrealistic because i got 3 copies from previous LB

Black Knight...
In truth there are a lot of units I want to merge the hell out of but I can't due to 5 star exclusivity. After BK, others would be Arden Celica and Nephenee

Definitely her. Statistically speaking I doubt I'll ever pull another. And I vowed never to spend again like I did trying to get L!Hector, which resulted in what I have here so far.

Pulling just a single one with a good IV would be fantastic though.

Yeah, that seemed to happen to a few people, myself included. Mine's +9 and out of all of them, the best one I had was +atk/-hp

Just regular 3-4* Eirika, since the game REFUSES to give me copies of her.

I want a +10 Leo or a +10 Siegbert but it's an unrealistic project for a F2P like me

My unrealistic merge project is definitely a +Res/-Def Performing Art Azura. She has always been my favorite dancer/singer, so having a +10 PA!Azura would be amazing. Of course, given that she's a limited unit, it's unlikely I'll ever manage to get her.

The manner in which I'd build her would be Distant Counter / Vantage 3 / Odd Res Wave 3 / Distant Def 3. This is because I usually have Azura bait blue units. Since I usually run her on a team with high bulk so it isn't likely I'll be able to make much use out of Wings of Mercy, hence replacing it with Vantage 3.

Your answer is my answer!

I already have her at +1 and with Wrath and Brazen Atk/Def, but I need a better IV before she's usable. She's +res -spd atm, which is nice for ploys but she really needs +atk.

Mine would be saber, haven't thought of a build because I know i'll never get him (definitely wont get 11 lol

In a heart beat? Legion. I would adore a +10 Legion team. All four of them +10. Sadly, I’m horribly restricted, but I can dream of the day IS will decend and give only me a +Atk +10 Legion that only I will have. It will, indeed, be a beautiful day.

Outside of 3-4 star available units I don't really think of it as a merge product. I merge most of my 5 star units that don't have exclusive powerful skills (Steady Breath, Distant/Close counter, armor Fighter skills, etc...)

Alm and Bride Cordelia were the only 2 5 star exclusives I really whaled for.

Outside of 3-4 star available units I don't really think of it as a merge product. I merge most of my 5 star units that don't have exclusive powerful skills (Steady Breath, Distant/Close counter, armor Fighter skills, etc...)

Alm and Bride Cordelia were the only 2 5 star exclusives I really whaled for.

Whatever the game gives me 11 of. I won't be picky. Maybe Elincia or New Year's Azura. I have 3 of each that I've just been hanging on to because I don't know what to do with them.