What weapons will the CYL units have?

Just a speculation starter.
Celica is pretty easy, an advanced Ragnarok which will obviously be Omega Ragnarok.
I don't know about Hector since they already gave him an Advanced Armads and I doubt they'll reuse Berserk (unless they're crazy enough to give him another one). But I'm thinking an advanced Basilikos. It is the S Axe in FE7 and it's not too far-fetched to say Hector is S in Axes by the time you get it. So that could maybe happen, and it could mean that Lloyd and Raven get another choice in Basilikos refine.
Ephraim is a bit challenging as, again, they already gave him an advanced version of Seigmund. And I haven't played 8 yet so I really don't know what they could give him. But I'm assuming Vidofnir is the S lance in that game, so they could give an advanced version of that like I theorize they should do with Hector.
Veronica is on the easier side as they could just give her an advanced Élivágar. Don't know what it could be called tho.

This is just speculation, and I doubt my Hector and Ephraim weapon predictions are right, but give your thoughts.

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I'm pretty sure they won't just buff the units. Brave heroes are themed: the first brave heroes had weapons and outfits from their fathers (exepts for lucina but it's still her father who taught her how yo use a lance, she keeps repeating it). So I'm sure there'll be a theme as well. Maybe everyone will get the outfits/wpn of their brothers?(I know Celica has one but don't know who, don't wanna get spoiled)


If I could choose, I'd want a (insert rival's weapon here) Celica, Bow Ephraim (Rival of Innes), Sword Hector (Rival of Eliwood) and Blue tome Veronica (Rival?and sister with Bruno)


CYL units usually have different weapons, and there's no guarantee that they'll be so similar to their normal counterparts.

Lucina uses a sword, but CYL Lucina uses a lance.
Lyn uses a sword, but CYL Lyn uses a bow.
Ike uses a sword, but CYL Ike uses an axe.

A lot of people think CYL Celica could be a healer.

Hector, I hope, will not be an axe unit. :l

Veronica, it's hard to say since she's only seen in FEH.

Ephraim... I dunno, lol.


Well, they hold the weapons of their promotion. Lucina gains lances among promotion, Lyn gains bows among promotion, Ike gains Axes among promotion. Roy gains nothing among promotion, hence why he just has another sword.
Knowing this, it's safe to assume Hector will be a sword unit, Ephraim will be a lance again, Veronica holds another green tome, and Celica could use white magic. However, I hope Celica eventually gets a Legendary Hero version where she has Omega Ragnarok but doesn't actually hold a tome like her normal version. To anyone who hasn't played Valentia, they don't hold tomes in that game, so seeing them randomly use tomes in FEH was a bit strange.


by Guts 5 months 3 weeks ago

The thing is that they don't really have to give them their real weapons. The previous CYL had a theme which hinted towards fathers of each of those heroes (Roy with Durandal, Ike with Urvan). The devs might as well just do something creative with the second iteration as well.

The only thing I hope for is that Hector will NOT have an axe.


They need a colourless so I'm thinking Celica may be a dagger user with her golden dagger she starts with in Echoes. Alternatively she could be a healer with a built in wrathful staff and a unique special that works like Aether dealing more damage and healing herself and adjacent allies. Either way she's have far better stats than the average dagger or staff user.

Veronica will stay green I think so Hector and Ephraim will have to be blue and red but I've no idea what weapons/skills.


While I'm not 100% certain, I'm fairly sure they'll run 1 of each colour again. If they do the same thing as last year choosing your freebie from the 4 when there's more than 1 of each colour could be potentially heartbreaking.

The likely idea I saw floating around a while back was the theme of siblings.


It's pure speculation at this point, my bets are:
- Lance Armor Hector - as it was his secondary weapon in FE6
- Axe Inf Ephraim - with Garm - since Eirika got Gleipnir already
- I was 100% expecting Brave Celica to be a sword, but then the fallen version happened that was exactly that. The only other option that would make sort of sense is making her Lance Cav - reference to her brother - then you have make Hector a sword (armor)
- That leaves Veronica as a colorless - likely a healer.