What staff for Lissa?

She's a +10 4 star (+Res -Atk) with Fortress Def/Res combo to bring her defenses up to 34 and 40 respectively. With her 40 hp, it's respectable bulk. The problem is that she only has 27 speed, so her bulk is effectively much worse due to being doubled always. I have yet to put a staff on her because I am not sure whether to use Fear, to make the required attack to one round her 61/67, slow to give her a chance of avoiding follow-ups (even then, they only need 39 speed), or pain to allow her to actually do some chip damage.

I'm also wondering what stave to have her use, since her attack is a very low 30. Since she'll be taking lots of damage, Martyr could work well, but when she's at full health, her output would be really low. Recover would ensure that she'd always be healing 25. Rehab would make her be able to heal other units with low health, but when they have more than 50% of their hp she'll only be healing the bare minimum 7. Which would be best?

Asked by PurpleMonkeyzzz6 months 1 week ago


by Seeker 6 months 2 weeks ago

My guess is that it depends on how you play your healers and the rest of the team. If you're sticking to the double fortress, then I feel like you may as well get it in with fear because even if they double you, they get walled by 41/47...twice. Can healers use guard? Either way, it's probably easier for your teammates to drive up her speed than to drive up both her defenses (which is what fear+ indirectly does). The thing is that your offensive teammates probably prefer her to use slow+, not for herself but for them. But if most of the team is stacking drive spd, you might get her to 40 effective (count the 7 debuff as added to her speed instead of subtracted from the enemy's)...45 isn't easy to hit, but it's not terribly difficult, basically means you lose to hyper-offensive units (who probably will have the attack to crack your 34/40).

If your team exploits the chip damage support well and isn't afraid of vantage/desperation, pain+ double sb is an option...I feel like there are better units to do this with, and you're probably sacrificing a lot of tanking potential?

40 res seems good for putting a ploy in the C-slot, so it's an idea to cover whichever of atk/spd your staff doesn't debuff.

As for healing staff, I'm not a fan of rehabilitate; if you take a lot of damage and use her to tank a lot then martyr might be your best shot because she's not debuffing whenever she's healing so she will want the extra bulk. But it does mean, like you said, that she's almost obligated to tank, which is probably the case anyways if you're throwing her forward to debuff? To me it feels strange tanking with a support unit. I should try it with Azama sometime.

On a side note, can you inherit the + staves to her? I thought characters need to be 5* to inherit them, and then you would have to merge that 5* onto your 4*


Yep, that's how it works. They have to be inherited by a 5 star just like any other weapon. And about the ploys, I never thought of that. In that case I would probably like to go Fear and Spd ploy but I missed Saias so I would have to do it the other way around. Thanks for the advice!


All the asker has to do is get a 5 star healer and inherit the + skills after inheriting the original skills from lower rarity units in order to maximize the sacrifice of the 5 star unit. The unit that gets the + skills does not have to be a 5 star unit. It could even be a one star unit.


So if I understand correctly, it's possible to sacrifice a 5* Donnel to give any lance unit brave lance+? And will the receiving unit be able to learn brave lance+ using SP?