What should I do here? CCGenny or CCLyn(LA)?!

Hey all, I've been trying to work out what to do with my free Takumi's close counter. I've seen a few very fun ideas indeed, namely from this video here:

Now do I go all out and invest in a whole new vantage-pain+ Genny build with her dancers and backup, or do I just give CC to my LA Lyn, who run the typical Owl build alongside Vantage BK, fallen Robin and CC H!Jacob? Which would obviously be far less investment and time, rather than making a whole team just for the murderous sheep herself, tempting as that wacky and adorable strategy is. What do you all reckon here?

Or do I go the less exciting but possibly safer wait and see route, in case one of the say, new Legendary units, CYL units or new heroes is ranged and could possibly benefit greatly from CC?

Asked by Stevosan2 months 3 weeks ago


Lu Bu is probably my favorite FEH youtuber. The other guys are good and all, Sages, Phoenix Master and Sacred Spear, but they're too clean. Brain Damage is right up my alley

What are your ivs for valentines Lyn and Genny? I just put Close Counter on my Lyn making her complete but Sheep Path is pretty strong

Ah yeah, Sages is my main go to, but I just found Lu, very quirky, I like.

Let's see, ah IVs, always crushing my F2P heart when I get a unit I want, so LaLyn is Def+\Res- while Genny is Spd+\Atk-
Sigh. I've got a bunch of other healers in the wings though, maybe they could eat her and be made into their own sheep clone set?

My lyn has the same Ivs, but she is still sooooooo good, she just needs a res refine and she has some great stats (30/34 def/res)
Genny is another story, the reason Genny is powerful is because she has the built in ability to run wrazzle dazzle, though with a atk bane I'm not sure its worth it
With that being said, hold on to it, whats the rush you know? what if you get a better Iv for any assortment of units that make them a better project, up to you though

Well, it's not that there's a rush persay, it's just that I've been pretty unlucky and only had 2 Takumi including the free one since launch, so it's just that I've finally got the rare and coveteted CC at last.

So to be a bother, but any other advice for me at all? Still stuck , can't decide if I should use CC ON my LaLyn... Argh, I mean she is a staple of the team, being the one with armour March, owl tome and ardent sacrifice.

Close Counter is great on Lyn. The iv you have of her +def-res is great for CC because of her def. Just refine her gift tome to +res and bam you're all set

Oh yea that too, I know that's the optimal tome for her but I refined her Blue Gift instead and she's got a Blarblade for another loadout. Definitely give the CC to your Lyn since your Genny has a atk bane. Good luck!

Hehe, wow, I did it, and it's amazing, I forget how often they went straight for her and did 0 damage but wasted time, now they get up in her face and UNEXPECTED OWL SWARM. Long story short, it's glorious. Thanks!