What do you want for 3.0?

FEH Channel comes soon,so i am just asking,that you want the most in 3.0?
I really want skill refinerie to be a thing and some Mass demotion...
(And old seasonal,pls)

Asked by Emerald_Blaze1 week 2 days ago


by P 1 week 2 days ago

More infantry-exclusive skills. Infantry Pulse is the only one we really see a lot, since Infantry Rush is locked on two 5* exclusives, one of them being seasonal, and Infantry Flash is only on L!Marth.


2 things

First of all we need demotions on the 5* pool as summoning right now is a pain in the ass, but a simple demotion would create a new problem which is the 3/4* pool being too populated with and with many character that have nothing as fodder as if they demote someone like Y!Tiki she has nothing valuable, so i was thinking they could make a 4* exclusive pool and place there every character that doesn't have anything as fodder, and leave in the 3/4* pool everyone else, this way if you get a 3* you're sure to get a character that has something as fodder, or the reverse, putting the character with no fodder in a 3* exclusive pool but that would be too great of a thing

Right now all i do is 2 runs on Aether raids and daily quest, i literally have nothing to do, already cleared Chain challenge, i don't have a reason to use stamina.
I would like a permanent mode where people can constantly dump stamina and get infinite random loot, even if it isn't that good of a loot as long as it is fun to play, i would be happy even if it gives 100 feathers most of the time

Also some QoL things would be apreciated like:
- having the option to change the voices to Japanese while keeping the language on English
- more ways to get grails, in AA for example, like they did with refining stones
- castle changing based on the season and holidays
- improovement on the login bonus, they could give something to players that login 25 days in one month for example, or just change what we already have as login bonus as it doesn't give that much

If 3.0 turns out to be a disappointment then i'll stop playing this game, i'm having so much more fun with Dragalia


I realllly want to start some new merge projects and i've got some great skills to fodder.

Free unit / orbs.

Some skill shop / skill refinary or something. We need a way to improve - get access to some skill (fortress def/res ! ). Some mechanics to spend coins-stones- whatever in the process would be interesting.

More refined weapons.
Tons of unit are powercrept or useless. And some of them deserve help : seth, hawkeye, old units with DC weapons, Tharja, some GHB units, OG azura, OG kagero, Klein, Cecilia, healers (B-Veronica burried almost all of them)...

New challenge in story.
They could add a locked unit to use and to kept alive in chapters. For example, a sharena is locked on a map, your 4-unit team is added, and then you need to kill some boss with sharena or you need to clean the road for her...
Something new and fun


Infernal mode stratums contain foes with refined weapons. Gives orbs, feathers, or even aether stones on first clear.


Skill Refinery. Announcement that my next Silas I summon will have good ivs. Demotes. A Co op mode


A semi-permenat banner that you can summon 4 stars X skill from. Heroes with vantage/heroes with spur skills and things of the like. Maybe put it on a rotation of every two or three days. I also want a 4* quick riposte unit, demote the red mage horseboy or something.



I want Minerva to be demoted so I can make a merge project out of her bc she's my all time favorite FE character


Free Units? Maybe we will not get free units until the 16th legendary hero come...

Demotions? Maybe only 4*-5* heroes will be 3*-4*...

New Heroes? We will have some Book III chapters along with new heroes.

Norne? Sorry, I may think too much...


HECKIN CO-OP. For YEARS I've been talking to people about how much more fun this game would be if there were ways to play real-time with friends. It's not a hard mechanic. That's in, like... all games ever. But not this one? Why?? It doesn't make sense, and it's honestly extremely disappointing.