What to do with -SPD/+RES ExChrom

I was bored and felt like summoning. Thought I got lucky but I got probably the worst boon and 2nd worst bane.

I could give away Aether or Chill Defense but before I write him off. Anyone think he's worth investing some time into?

From what I saw when he first came out people thought he was kinda meh even without the gimped IVs.

Asked by kodak8 months 4 weeks ago


Eh, Chrom is one of those units that doesn't necessarily care about his boons/banes. His bane doesn't really touch his defense, which is arguably his most important stat, so you're fine.


It honestly just depends. He will still be good, but you need to decide whether or not he has a place and would be used consistently. If you already have a tanky red horse unit such as Eldigan or Sigurd, and don't like Chrom as a character, I'd fodder him or just keep him around. I wouldn't fodder him for Aether though seeing as how that is more common than Chill Defense.


yea theres just so much competition for red cav since i have all the other tanky red cavs (eldigan sigurd xander) with better IVs and I usually use an offensive red most of the time. I guess il just keep him as Chill Defense fodder if I ever find another unit that really wants it.