That was easy. (Leo/Elise BHB)

What about you guys?

Asked by ZephyrDrakon3 weeks 2 days ago


Yeah, My team consisted of H!Jakob, W!Tharja M!Grima, and Serra. Took me about 10 minutes to do them all.

Yeah, My team consisted of H!Jakob, W!Tharja M!Grima, and Serra. Took me about 10 minutes to do them all.

Haven't even attempted it yet, I'm using flier emblem because it's the easiest.

I also got Kaze on free summon, Atk Smoke fodder!

Super easy roll with a Camilla, Fjorm, Legendary Ike and Sakura

I wonder if this could be completed with the Askr trio. :P

Completed it with Donnel, Norhzura, Summer Camilla, and Hana.

Titania, Leo, Clarine, and Ursula here!

Titania's godlike res was enough to survive enemy Leo's Blazing Light (with a fortify and a ward), but after that, it was pretty much a cake walk.

I used my armor units with ward armor

LA hector.....just watched lol
Zelgius 3 kos
L Hector 2
Hardin Leo it was satisfying since I hate leo 😎

by Rohan 3 weeks 2 days ago

Indeed, used V!Ike, L!Hector, Titania and Mathilda.

L!Hector simply wiped out half map, Mathilda dealt with Leo and V!Ike with Elise, with Titania buffing them with triple tactics.

fgrima tanked and killed everyone...even after the blazing light which surprised me. them being huddled together made atk smoke work like a charm.

M!Grima took care of every unit but Leo, and Micaiah one-shot him.

Bridal Sanaki practically solo'd it for me. She even 1-shot the bow user.

It was freaking annoying. I had to swap out Valentine Hector for Performance Azura. And the orbs just got me three stars when I could actually summon on the color I wanted to summon on.
But yeah, I used Legendary Ike, Brave Lucina, Performance Azura, and Arvis.


I cleared the Hard and Lunatic with L! Ike,V! Hector,Sharena and Sakura.
For infernal,Flier emblem.

I used BTharja, SXander, Kana (M) and Lachesis because I'm getting their feathers.

Yeah, my team of Elincia, Summer Corrin, NY Azura, and Spring Kagero crushed the maps with little effort.

by Tarcc 3 weeks 1 day ago

Wow, that was a joke compared to some previous ones. I did the infernal mode in one try using W!Tharja, BK, Harden, and M!Grima. They are a ward armor team and just tanked everything while destroying everyone with specials

by Korae 3 weeks 1 day ago

Yeah, it was so easy that I didn't even make a special team for it, I just went in with my current Tempest team of Flying Olivia, Summer Camilla, Kinshi Hinoka and regular Cordelia. Flier Emblem makes a joke of this map.

Completely annihilated with S! Young Tiki, Nowi, Fallen Hardin, and Brave Lyn

It was easy, I just randomly choose units for the team and I beaten all of them on my first try.

A friend was able to take out Infernal by baiting with her SYTiki. Since mine lacked Iotes, and Myrrh had it (and DC) instead, I used Myrrh, and applied some spur/drives/a Goad from FMorgan (who's there to take on Leo) and Elincia. Also brought a Fortify Dragons from Ninian.

Managed to bait Elise instead of the bow, which was pretty pivotal.

Easy? Might as well call all these events Bond Hero Curb-Stomp Battles

I removed all passive and trigger skills, and went only with Corrin's +res Dark Breath and Marth's refined falchion for offense, and a weaponless Azura and a weaponless Bridal Lyn only with the stantard rehabilitate and sing, to try and make my stantard "as F2P as possible" guides.
(In case you ask, I actually am F2P, but I have been playing since day one and I have had an incredible amount of good luck when it comes to summoning, even on the yolo summons on uninteresting banners, with the last one having given me a free Flier Olivia, to the point that even my only three five star pitybreakers in my life, Abel, -atk Celica and Saber, have been great for my teams, as skill fodder for Effie (Brave Lance), Xander (Distant Defense) and Corrin (Shield Pulse) respectively)

And even then, it STILL was easy.