Valter Build Help

I love my Valter boi, but I had him early when I didn't know what to do with him, and he's very all over the place. I need to make him better, but I don't know where to start.


Asked by Alex The Destroyer1 week 3 days ago


Even though he has the capabilities of being both a defensive and offensive unit I prefer him to be defensive. You can use his high Def to your advantage and blast foes with a disgusting Ignis bombs. This really isn’t the ‘ideal’ Valter build, but it’s definitely better than nothing at all. I would like this better. His Spd is too low to be an offensive unit.


If you can give him the luxury, go with Stance4, QR, and on C slot you can just give him any flier buffs.
that way he is a powerful melee combatant.
for specials, I'd go with bonfire, he actually have good speed to deny double from most average spd.
for seal close def is always a choice.
that way he has 48 def on EP.


Valter can be an effectif tank or a good bruiser.
You'll not go toes to toes with speedy unit if you go with the "bruiser build" but you'll have a good bulk.
Or you can build him like a "regular ennemy phase unit" like the othet answers

An exemple of a speedy bruiser build
You can use his weapon for "budget" option or a slaying lance/harmonic lance +3spd refine, you'll have 4 less atk but 1 more spd and 5 more hp. You can use fury 3 in A slot in you want to have an even better bulk at the cost of 1atk/1spd at player phase.
LnD in A slot can be possible, but it take away bulk. ATK/SPD solo is obviously really good but is a premium skill pretty hard to come by.


Everyone Talk About How Bad Valter's Res Is.So I Actually Decided To Try The "Almost" Impossible And Tried To Actually Fix Is Res.And I Did It.This Build Makes Of Valter A Nice Tank,And Brazens Help Him Alot.He Will Have An Actual 45(51 When Wave Active)/37 Def/Res When In Brazens Range,And Chill Spd Is Supportive For Him And Allies,Since He Won't Take So Much Doubles(37 Spd Is Low,But Not That Low IMO).The Cursed Lance Helps Him Reach The Brazens,Since It Do 4 Damage,And So He'll Be One Step Closer From Brazens.Ignis Is Because 51 Def Is No Joke.
(Actually,A Bug Occured,So I Have To Write Down The Build)
Cursed Lance
Brazen Def/Res
Chill Spd
Even Def Wave
Brazen Atk/Res