TT Unit Rewards

Do you guys ever think we'll be able to get more copies of units from TTs who isnt Masked Marth. Like maybe through summoning or maybe we can get to choose them for free idk.

Before this I havent been that interested in any of the TT units they give out but now we're getting Gerome and hes one of my favorite Fire Emblem characters. I was really looking forward to him getting in the game so i could +10 him.. but now that wont be possible... ;^;

Asked by Uzuka8 months 4 weeks ago


I agree with you. It would be nice if every new Tempest Trials we could choose one of the old TT rewards as the reward for the new one. That way I could have more merges for Joshua(the boy deserves everything) or Windsweep/Close Defense fodder or Black Knights for merges or Steady Stance fodder, for example.

Or maybe they could make a special TT where you can choose the unit you want and you can get like maybe 5 copies with only one full TT?

Fortunately Panne's not in the game yet, but if they ever release her as a TT reward I'd be kinda bummed in some way since, while I could get my favorite waifu for free, the limited merge potential could also be a problem in the future.

I think they will release more TTs with old units, but that's going to take a lot of time probably.


Yeah, it sucks that I'll only get two copies of Batma.... I mean Gerome, especially considering how much I like him, and he can fit in my Awakening theme team along.

Oh well, I can always merge him to +1 and hope that they'll release more later on down the road.


by TG15 9 months ago

I think it will be possible to eventually get the TT reward units to +10, but it may take a few years from when they are released.