Top Tier Skills

Special-Moonbow, Aether

Assist-Reposition, Draw Back, Swap

A Skills-Fury, Life and Death, Swift Sparrow, Steady/Warding Breath, Brazen Atk/Spd, Close/Distant Counter

B Skills-Quick Riposte, Vantage, Desperation, Wrath, Bold/Vengeful Fighter, Chill skills

C Skills-Tactic skills, Atk Smoke, Spd Smoke, Odd/Even Wave skills, Emblem buffs

This is just my opinion, feel free to comment your thoughts

Asked by Xerrllad4 months 3 weeks ago


by gokuby 4 months 4 weeks ago

A slot: Bond skills are very good if you play active
B slot: Guard is on par with QR, Wary Fighter is also very powerful for tanks
C slot: The best skill for that slot is Panic Ploy for everyone who can run it. Ploys(notably Spd and Def Ploy) are also very powerfull and should be chosen if the unit has high Res.


I put Bold/Vengeful Fighter over Wary Fighter just because it gives armored units an additional attack as opposed to taking away follow ups for both parties

I originally had ploys for C but I removed it because most of them require units to have pretty high RES and Panic Ploy only works on units that have field buffs.


Yeah, Wary Fighter is definitely worse than the other Fighters, however Vantage is only good on a handfull of units as well.
For Panic Ploy, I would never go to Arena without it, it cripples so many units. Bladetomes, Horse Emblem, Tactic Emblem are all free wins thanks to that one skill.


I'd say Aether/Galeforce only for the specials, Restore+ for assist, Brazens/Bonds/Breaths/Counters for A,
Quick Reposte/Wrath/Vengeful Fight /Bold Fight/Dazzling Staff /Wrathful Staff for B
Tactics/Smokes/Waves/Armor March for C


by Tandor 4 months 4 weeks ago

Top tier skills are really dependent on the unit itself.
You can't just slap those skills on a unit for it to be good.

I have a Legendary Ephraim (+Atk, -HP) that I run Heavy Blade on and I can say Moonbow sucks for him, Luna is insanely better for him.

I personally find Fury to be very overrated (Works best on units that self heal/ have Reprisal/Vengeance, or a range regardless counter weapon), other than that you're just giving your opponent free damage.

I will say the Brazen skills are definitely Top Tier, especially DEF/RES and ATK/SPD ones.


Moonbow on Ephraim gives him more opportunites to heal imo.

Also Fury is useful for reaching the Desperation, Vantage, and Wrath HP Thresholds which give a lot of units better player/enemy phases depending on what you are going for.

At least that’s the way I see it


Some skills that are still relevant
Special : galeforce / miracle
Assist : dance (yeaaahhhh)
A : close-distant def / heavy blade
B : swordbreaker (don't care how speed are your ayra or karla)
C : ploys/ guidance


Left out Close and Distant Def because they are sacred seals

As for dance, I was mainly talking about skills for SI. Everyone knows how OP Dance/Sing is lol