Time for Reflection

As I literally have time right now
I'm posting this as a reflection of my almost 1 year of playing Fire emblem heroes( since the game launched).
I've done every single quest except for trivial ones like getting 100 feathers from arena assault daily(skipped it for probably 2-3 times)-boring.

Over the course of the game, I really wanted several units for their art, skills and for usability in my current teams. All I could say is that for free to play players, it's definitely doable to get the teams that you want given that you put in the time and effort. At some point like mid-August or September, I'd sometimes get disheartened when a new units appears that I want and try to summon for it but won't grace me with their presence(eg.Spring Camilla during her banner and again during her legendary banner with Fjorm).

One of the things that I learned in this game is the value of currency, save, save and Save those orbs. Wait til you find a banner that you really want or like because of the units.

Now this is all preference but from summoning, I went with color-sniping. It's usually more expensive if you do it like this in the long-run. However, the upside is that you would get the unit/units that you want more than likely.

Now, one of the hardest modes in the game (if not the hardest) is Chain Challenge. Being able to only bring 3 teams at most can be daunting to some at first but keep building your units and build units that are good in your teams(since you might not have all the necessary fodder for skills). You'll get there soon and will be able to finish all the chapter chain challenges.

If you are gonna unlock a unit's potential, always check their IV's. Try to only unlock optimal ones!

PS. If you are new in this game, the game can look impossibly hard once you get through all the main story maps and paralogue chapters but keep at it(reroll if you want and try to get a really good unit or a unit that you really want and that will hopefully keep you interested in the game for a long time).

For those wondering, how many 5 stars I have accumulated(summoned, inherited and unlocked) in total- I have 95 5* with 54k feathers right now.

Good Luck!
Post your advices or your reflections.

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With Sanaki and Jeorge getting an upgrade, I had flashbacks when they used to carry me through a lot of matches. Sanaki one-shotting Hector was one of the most beautiful things I saw because I managed to complete Arena Duels so easily.

Jeorge was the only 5* Archer I had until I got B!Lyn in the first Legendary Banner (only have these two) so he was my Archer for everything.

Also, Sanaki and Jeorge were of my first 5* units so I used them a lot, so good memories. I was feeling kinda bad for not using them but their Legendary upgrades make them so useful again that I think they will return to my most used units. It feels like these friends that went in a journey and then they come back stronger than ever, still remembering you and willing to help you again.

This made me realize that after a year, it's not about using the most powerful units you have but the units you like, let it be their art, their voice, their personality… the units that somehow, you grow attached to. This makes me feel so happy, specially when you see units like Odin and Fir with Summoner Support and merged with an expensive build, you can see that someone really cares for them even if they're considered bad units.

That's also why I don't fodder some of the first 5* I got. Without them, I wouldn't be here with the maps completed, GHBs done, successful Arena Duels that gave me a lot of resources to help increase my roster… this game really changed the way I saw my units. They're soldiers willing to risk their life but also they're like… family, reminding me how painful it was with perma-death in the old games.

It doesn't matter what happen, they're with me and I'm going to be with them.


I completely agree with you. Sanaki was one of my first 5* units and she literally carried me through the early months of the game.

As far as using underrated characters here is my wonderful F Corrin for your viewing pleasure.