Things I want from version 3.0

Beast units
A use for crowns
A PROPERLY fixed arena
Another mass demotion in summoning
More than 4 refines per month
No more fateswakening bullshit until more titles have more representation
A use for the Training Tower
A My Castle/Map Maker mode
A method of farming f2p orbs
Sacred Seal Creation to trade a unit for a seal.
A better use of the RD/GC map sizes, perhaps a third arena mode that uses them.
Forging Bonds with older units.
More Accessories

Asked by Nilla5 months 4 weeks ago


by Dan 6 months ago

Wonder if bespasts will come in Feb next year as the anniversary? I dig all of your ideas. If crowns become worth something I guess I’ll have to invest harder in arena. Arena just isn’t my favorite activity.

And yes, way more refines!


by ShieldOfWind 6 months ago

And beast units. Can't forget beast units.


by oho 6 months ago


I agree with all of the above. I doubt they'll add any easier ways to farm orbs (since Nintendo likes money), but I can easily see the rest of them! I'm especially wanting Forging Bonds with extant units, particularly some beloved ones like the original Askr units. To add to this, I'd enjoy more banners that didn't include a random alt of an existing character, like Ylissean Travelers Olivia or Sacred Memories Eirika. I often like the characters used, but I feel it's better to introduce units that haven't had a chance to be in the game yet.

Saving my orbs for Reyson and Tibarn, personally :~)


by ihriel 6 months ago

Long wishlist, let's see...

Beast units - I don't care for them but inclusion would mean at least one banner filled with them which would make people happy and allow me to save orbs. So thats a yes
A use for crowns - As someone who can't make it to 21, definitely no
A PROPERLY fixed arena - How would it be properly fixed?
Another mass demotion in summoning - I'd actually prefer steady and regular batches of demotions but this would be ok too
More than 4 refines per month - Unpopular opinion but I think we have just enough now, could even do with a little less, not every weapon needs one and every character a prf
No more fateswakening bullshit until more titles have more representation - Again this crap. I think the representation is fine considering the ratio of globally released games vs Japan-only and don't start to lecture me about fantranslations, hacks and so on. I'll rather wait for remakes or official re-releases
A use for the Training Tower - It has a use and I doubt it will change, the rewards might be updated though!
A My Castle/Map Maker mode - ...I'm actually not sure about that, My Castle might be kind of fun
A method of farming f2p orbs - There's never enough orbs and I don't think this will change
Sacred Seal Creation to trade a unit for a seal. - Again unlikely, I would love if the coins were a little more common
A better use of the RD/GC map sizes, perhaps a third arena mode that uses them. - I really dislike squinting at the big maps already and have pretty much given up on actually playing them so I don't look forward to more modes with them
Forging Bonds with older units. - Full support, but how would it be implemented?
More Accessories - They will come and I'm always glad to see more!

I don't really have particular wishes myself so I just commented on your list, thanks and sorry!


You dont want beast units but welcome their addition, while at the same time cant get tier 21 and dont want a use for crowns, while not liking the larger maps and not wanting them? wat

Properly fixed arena being one that doesnt rely on the bonus unit being required to kill every single enemy.

A mass demotion means suddenly pity breakers wont be as shitty anymore fro at least a year.

Units that have no PRF should have a chance to get one before units that already have one get an update,for example, odin and cherche getting one, while celica really did NOT need one.

114 of the 296 units in the game are fateswakening units.
81 of the 296 are alts, and of those, 45 are fateswakening.
There is a problem.

Training tower was outdated the moment they added daily training maps. The only thing its good for now is badge farming.

Have a forging bonds thing go on every two weeks,or have two at once. Theyre already bare bones in terms of story, its not liking it would be hard.


by meh boi 6 months ago

Those would be nice! Too bad IS doesn't seem to have the balls to make half those changes... :(

Also, I look forward to the day when we can transfer skills from one unit to another without killing either off (even if it's expensive).


by TheSeunger 6 months ago

Some features and changes I'd like to see are:

1. Arena overhaul changes: treat ALL units, aside from Armored units, as equals (none of that BST, Skill SP and merge value shit, it's all about creativity and make hard counters)

2. Being able to choose any map music while doing Training Tower (I would like to listen to specifically Genealogy of the Holy War music, specifically [Disturbance in Agustria])

3. An easier way to acquire Hero Feathers and Refining Stones

4. A Skill (Scroll) Shop

5. Reduce the amount of Hero Feathers it takes to make a 5 Star unit (not that it's going to happen anytime soon)

6. Mass demoting pre-existing 5 Star units since Book 1

7. A feature that allows IV changing with a brand new currency (a very wishful thinking, but this could be a huge game-changer if it does happen)

8. Gain special Manuals as rewards as a way to grant merge values to the Askrian Trio (and other F2P units) from certain game modes or events

9. A Vantage Sacred Seal (Ayra and Laevatein would be very scary with this with the right skills... and so many more...)

10. Buff pre-existing units (adjust BST value to match more recent units by weapon and movement type, but that would defeat the purpose as it currently is... unless the Arena changes treats ALL types of units as equals then this would not matter and would be a fine change)

... that's pretty much all I have to say. Other ideas that aren't mine are pretty sound.


by Nuar 6 months ago



by Nuar 6 months ago

keep dreaming