Is there anyone getting this problem too?

Today i logged in and been to the arena assault but i didn't get any reward (ranked 4500), neither the notification for the score. I sent message to the support but it looks like it's a bot who's answering me...

Is there anyone who already get this problem? How did you solve this? Or how did IS resolve this ?

Asked by Noisy Bizkit1 year ago


by Mitrian 1 year ago

I had that problem a looong time ago, and the response from IS basically said "We saw that the feathers were added to your inventory on XX date at XX time."

When I went back and looked later, I noticed they were there. So it's possible you may just need to force kill the app and reload to get it to show.

Your experience may be different, but that's what happened in my case. Good luck either way!


by Noisy Bizkit 1 year ago

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Ok ! Thank you for your answer ! I hope s'il get them someday!