Team building help

Hey guys
I need help building a solid arena team here's most of my units I think are of any use:
5* Catria +attk -def
5*Eirika +spd - res
5*Eldigan +res -attk
5*Felicia +hp -res
5*Jakob +res -spd
5*Julia +attk -def
5*Karel +attk -res
5*Maria neutral
5*Peri +attk - def
5*Setsuna +spd -res
4* Effie +hp -spd
4* Eirika +hp -spd
4* selena +hp -spd
4* tharja +def -spd
4*cordelia +hp -res
4*cordelia +def -attk
4* Olivia
4* Jeorge x2 (+attk -spd)(+hp -attk)
Current team is Eldigan, Eirkia, Effie and Julia. I'm thinking about swaping eldigan for Karel, just got him to level 38 so ill be testing it soon. Thoughts?

Asked by Thejanimal1 year 2 months ago


Catria is extremely good at taking out red units and can take out most blue units too. Try switching her over Effie. Karel is a must for the bonus. So it will be Catria, Eirika, Karel, and Julia. If you have extra feathers you can upgrade Sharena as she don't need to worry about archers unlike Catria.

by EonS 1 year 3 months ago

My team actually is Karel, Julia, Effie and clarine, but I do believe that Maria will do a pod job too! If you look closer, you can see that they fit together perfectly and this team is just performing perfectly at arena in both ways, offensive and defensive

I have a 4 star Clarine that I can level but I'm not willing to upgrade her to 5 stars, would she work better than a 5 star maria or Lachesis or even a 4 star lissa?Stats don't matter on them way too much do they?