Team 7 reunited at last

Builds aren't finished (and Ninian isn't rocking the best ivs admittedly with +def/-res) but this is still pretty satisfying.

Asked by Ryunosuke9 months ago


With hones, TT boosts, and an S support (summoner and ally), my +spd Hector reaches 40 speed. I actually really like +spd Hector, as even without the boost I can get him to 36 speed. My point? Hector is INVINCIBLE (great team btw!).

I mean that's an awful lot of work to make a fast Hector but I'm sure he's hilarious to use while TT is still active.

Mine is +Atk/-Res so I'll prolly give him the Distant Def 1 seal to help out with mages.

Haven't decided on the special for Eliwood but I'm currently using Fury/Swordbreaker. he is +Spd/-Res, but I might try Darting Blow/Desperation ad a speed seal (40 speed) cuz it could be funny.

Correct me if I'm wrong, The rule of thumb for specials was:

If over 30 Res, Iceberg (Glacies if unit has killer weapon or unit is slow and tanky, works well with quick Riposte). Same thing for Def but with Bonfire and Ignis.

If unit has 50 Atk or more, Draconic Aura.

If unit meets none of the requirements above, Luna.

Moonbow, if unit needs to proc specials a lot. Or has Wo Dao and Dark Excaliber.

Vengeance or Reprisal for High HP Tank builds or Vantage users.

Glimmer is a budgeted, but an inferior substitute when you don't have access to Draconic Aura or Luna.

Now you just need to face Jaffar, Nino, Ursula, and Lloyd in battle and the nostalgia will be complete!

I actually managed to pull a Jaffar from the L&D banner (+res/-hp unfortunately) and I've been meaning to make a team out of them all that works well as the Black Fang team.

Might have to turn Ursula into a black Raven instead of a crow to make her more useful tho.

Yeah, I could see that. I haven't pulled a Jaffar, myself. Although I did luck into my first Minerva on that banner!