Tana +Hp-Def

I got a Tana today, when I tried to pull for a Lancina. What should I do with her ? I like her and want to keep her, but I don't know what to do since she is -def... Thanks for your help.

Asked by AmaliaFEH7 months 3 weeks ago


Even though -Def mostly rules out the possibility of a Vidofnir tank set, she can do other things. While it requires a bit of feathers, you can give her Life&Death and a Firesweep Lance and she'll work just fine considering the fact that she has about the same stats as Cordelia just 1 point less attack and 1 point more speed. And you could still run a tank set since we have close Defense and Defense +3 sacred seals that can restore her Defense to it's usual numbers if you already have a Firesweep Flier like Cordelia.

Congratulation for your acquisition ! Good Tana is good :)

The IVs isn't the greatest but for sure isn't the worst since she wouldn't tank much physical damage anyways. I mean, she does tank damage but once, not 2 or 3 times, so Hp has the same value as Def.

You can build her with the firesweep build which is the most powerful one imo. Firesweep+, L&D3, Hit&Run, Guidance3

Thank you! I will try the two sets on a simulator, but I think I will go with the defensive set, because I don't have many "tank" flier, so... I think with Close Def 3 or Fury 3 and the S-Seal Close Def 3, she will be good as a tank... I hope.

Keep her. My Tana has the exact same IVs. I gave her Fury, Swordbreaker and Guidance and she does pretty well.