What do you think about a neutral Takumi?? Still ok?
Considering my IV luck I'm just happy I didn't get -atk or -spd.
And first time pulled a 5* with the free summon!!
How to build this f*cker?

Asked by CroMario10 months 1 week ago


Be glad you pulled a Takumi but honestly he's only good as fodder for Close Counter, which is an excellent skill on the right unit. As an archer, he's rather outclassed.


by Saukko 10 months 1 week ago

I think his new weapon makes him very annoying and difficult to predict but I don't know which build is the best for him.

Fujin Yumi +Eff and Escape Route is a good synergy.
A slot : anything that can help him get more damage (Swift Sparrow ? Death Blow ?)
C slot : a spur or a fortify seems better than a threaten skill. Also Smoke effects should do great.
SS : Atk +3/SPD +3 (to avoid being doubled, but you won't double much without a speed boon)


They finally updated his page on here so I suggest you go check that out because those are probably his best 3 builds.

In my opinion though, Brave Bow gets outclassed, CC + Vantage is underwhelming in Tier 18+, and his Grimoire + Escape Route meme build is just that, a meme.
However, Brave Bow is still Brave Bow and 32/33 isn’t exactly a bad offensive spread, and his Grimoire set also sounds really fun and it’s something I’m personally going to build.

If you’re not interested in any of those, just save him for CC fodder since it’s a high cost skill (300 base SP) that could very well come in handy for future heroes.


A neutral Takumi is good for close counter fodder, a life and death desperation combo would be nice on him, if he were to have high spd. You can still do it if you like, his spd could be 42 with life and death, spd refinery and spd seal. With a high speed takumi i would refine his weapon with eff+ instead.

Or you just give him Fury 3 for having plus 3 stats everywhere and include renewal 3 for being more defensive or desperation to have the brave effect.

I prefer using a life and death desperation combo, rather then a brave build. I know alot of people like brave builds, but i only think it´s useful if you have a Horse/Armor/Flier team beceause of the great buffing benefits. Otherwise the weak mt of the brave weapon isnt worth the investment.

Of Course you need high speed for desperation. It gets nearly the same effect as a brave weapon if you can double, two times in a row. And getting weakened to have it activate is easy too, thanks to the lowered def of yours, but still not dangerous beceause of your high speed so that no one can double you.

In Takumis case, i would pick life and death and desperation with an high spd IV, spd would be 36 and with life and death 41. I would give him spd 3 for having 44. Now an speed upgrade of the weapon would be nice, but i actually like the unique effect of jumping everywhere he wants, so i would give him the eff+. His akt will be 51 by the way which helps him alot.

His Bane should be hp so that he can still endure one hit of distance units with his def res.

For his close counter, i would only use it, if your IV would be high def. With an high def IV he gets 4 instead of 3 points so it would be 29. Def refinery leades him to 32 and the def seal to 35. With 35 he can endure alot of damage, his def can even be buffed for more bulkyness. B Skill would be Qick Riposte then, his spd is just too low for doubling effectively.


the more I look at him the more I'm for CC fodder. But right now I don't think I have a unit to give it to. Who would be good? A bow or tome user with high def? Would S.Camilla be good? I have one and didn't build her jet


S.Camilla definitely can work wonders with Gronnblade, CC and vantage. She's really strong and def is nice. Other units that are good with CC are Boey, H!Jakob and some others that I can't think of right now. CC is definitely not a skill many heroes can use unlike DC


What do you think about gronnraven, CC and vantage? I was planning for raven bcs how I see it blade is for flier team and i don't really have good fliers to make a good team (jet).


Gronnraven works best with Triangle Adept, since it lets slower mages hit really hard on color advantage and against colorless, while taking minimal damage in return (archers are still effective against fliers). Normally you would then take a neutral breaker skill like G Tomebreaker to win that matchup against green mages that aren't also running G Tomebreaker themselves.

With CC you would be gimping her since now she doesn't take any less damage from colorless than usual (all ranged BTW). As a result, she'll die to archers and possibly fast staff users, but won't have enough power to one-shot them. She'll also get doubled by melee, without killing them.

CC generally works best on bulky archers or mages with owl tomes like Boey and H!Henry. S!Camilla specifically stands out with Gronnblade because of her combination of flier buffs, good attack, and enough bulk that she can take a hit and counter-kill in one hit.


If you have a high atk merric then he is a pretty good choice. He gets 44 atk with high atk. His Def is 28 and gets to 31 with def seal or you can give him deflect melee. The good thing about him is his tome, he is good against fliers.

Most Fliers in the game are blue ones, so you can deal heavy damage to those, but even green ones like michalis,minerva and especially cherche are gone with it. Only Camilla can whistand it a bit better with her high res. You can even buff your atk/def for more effectiveness if it isnt enough for some fliers.

His B skill would be quick riposte due to his mediocre spd. His Special should be glimmer, the 2 cooldown means that it always gets activated and the damage against fliers is pretty high due to the effectiveness.

But of course, others can be dealt with it too, like all the other lancers or the axe units who mostly have low res. Sword Units, be it fliers or normal ones are still a bit dangerous, especially elincia or other brave ones, but beside of that he´s a fun character to play.

I dont have another close counter, so i couldnt do this build yet, but i can already imagine the great effectiveness and the fun with it. Even the melee ones like the ever famous reinhardt can be dealt with, merrics res is low with 19 but thats nothing a boost cant fix.