Hi guys

Out of my free summon for the heroes with sweep skills banner I somehow managed to pull faye.
What should I do with her? Fodder? Keep her and build? If you guys could also give a few build ideas as well that would be great.

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Asked by char103 months 2 weeks ago


by PelicanFive 3 months 3 weeks ago

I'm running a Faye as AR supertank, since she has the best defensive stats out of all archers.

Faye +2
Neutral IVs (I want +def)
Guard Bow+ (Def refine)
Draw Back
Fortress Def/Res 3
Null C Disrupt 3
Atk Smoke 3
Quick Riposte 3

Works great with a little support, can tank Ophelias and Lilinas, can counterattack against Firesweep Bows and Staves.


by Silashe1218 3 months 3 weeks ago

Really depends on what archers you have. If you have Brave Lyn or Bride Cordelia both use it pretty well. Here is what I did for Brave Lyn. Pretty annoying to deal with on AR defense teams.


by NotSurtr 3 months 3 weeks ago

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If you like Faye build her, if not there's a bunch of top tier archers that love her bow. Above poster mentioned Lyn and b! Cordelia, but there's also summer takumi, summer noire, innes, Nina, etc. Maybe even new spoiler unit that's coming on Friday.


by testname123 3 months 3 weeks ago

If you have a Brave Lyn, firesweep on her is fantastic.

Faye is really not great, unfortunately. She could really use a refine or a demote or both. Unless you are going to give her a super premium skill like Null C Disrupt or Sturdy Stance 4, you will want to give her a Guard Bow and Distant Def seal. If you want to fodder a Garon, you can even give her the DD3 A skill which is really pretty incredible when stacked up for +18 ranged def/res.